Dreams of Desire Mod Apk 1.0.3 (Unlock Version)

Dreams of Desire
Dreams of Desire

Most players play different online and offline games in their free time, and most of them play in their bored time, but each game has its unique features that are not like every player, so that’s why we give you Dreams of Desire mod apk where you can make female friends and flirt with real girls.

This game offered by Lewd Island, you can not only flirt with girls but also get different games, including cars, racing strategies and fighting, and more categories that help users select them according to their moods. Android and IOS users download and install this app on their devices without paying any single charge.

The storyline of Dreams Of Desire Apk

The story of this game is about famous players who tried to play adult games, and this game has recently increased in popularity because of its new features.
The story of the games starts with a boy whose father takes him to a Military Academy for further education. Still, the problem is that the boy is not interested in different activities, including drilling, supervision, and running, because he makes it an imaginary world full of entertainment. They want to enjoy their college life. His imaginary world always revolves around female characters. They want to enter the entertainment world, meet new young girls, make a girlfriend, and spend unlimited romantic hours with girls. The relationship remains at this place, not going too far because this friendship will create a future problem.

Features of Dreams of Desire

Here are some features that increase the game’s look and feeling and provide the best option to use the game smartly. Here are the features which are

Unlocked episodes

If you are bored with limited episodes, you can unlock different episodes and any of them without completing the previous one. So this version unlocks every episode, and you will not get bored and enjoy the unlimited episode anytime.

Play Online & Offline

The game is available online or offline, so you can play it with your friends and buddies and enjoy the romantic scenes with them. So if you have a good internet connection, you play the game online, but if you do not have internet access, save your friends’ ID on the local device and start getting with them offline.

No Ads & Restrictions

Most games are irritating because of their annoying ads. However, this allows you to enjoy the Dreams of Desire mod without showing ads, and you will communicate with girls without interaction.

High-Quality Graphics

All the characters and features are mind-blowing because of its modern design and animation Technology. The option and characters are designed with clear graphics, which looks better on Android and IOS devices.

New Amazing Episodes

The latest version of the game has 12 episodes, and the developer added new episodes regularly. All these episodes have exciting stories and characters. If you feel bored in any episode, you skip the episode, and the new one will appear.

Mode menu available

If you want to unlock the levels and go everywhere to meet with new girls, then the Dreams of Desire mod menu allows you to unlock the features.

Interesting Things Need To Be Reminded

In Dreams of Desire, players will allow to customize their characters and choose a beautiful girl collector who comes in dreams of desire. Before choosing a female character, decide first because character choices play an exciting role in this game.

Exciting Scenes

Now in the latest version, you are never bored because the game provides many exciting scenes that can stay with you for a long time, so try out this exciting scene if you want to keep yourself busy with entertainment for a couple of hours.

Special features

  • Enable / Disable Cheat via the Options menu.
  • The game provides a captivating storyline that will keep you hooked from the beginning of the game.
  • The game provides role-playing game elements, and you will have the opportunity to develop a relationship with the characters, level up your scale and unlock new abilities to enhance your gaming experience.
  • The game is all about choices and consequences. The decisions you make will directly impact the outcome of the store.

Frequently asked questions

Are Dreams Of Desire Apk suitable for all ages?

No, this game is unsuitable for people of all ages because it contains explicit and mature content.

Are there any hidden costs in Dreams Of Desire Apk?

The game is free to play, but it offers in-game purchases for additional content. If you use the Mod version, all the features unlock at the start of the game.

Can I customize my character in Dreams Of Desire Apk?

You can customize a character and choose one that impacts the story’s outcome.


This unique and engaging mobile game is based on the visual novel and role-playing game elements that provide a unique storyline, the best soundtrack, and stunning graphics. It provides an enjoyable gaming experience for all players looking for mature story dreams in gameplay. But before playing the game, remember that it contains mature content unsuitable for all players. If you want to play animated games, this game is the best choice for you, so go ahead and download and install the game on your device to start your imaginary world into the real world.


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