Sonolus MOD APK 0.6.4 (Latest Version)


Are you looking for an audio simulator game? Then you have come to the right place Sonolus is a next-generation mobile Rhythm game where you can create your rhythm with the help of this app. You can create your rhythm and play with your friends. This app provides maximum freedom to players to customize they were them are making the new themes according to their needs. This application is available on both Android and IOS devices. You can use its powerful scripting system to create any Rhythm game engine, replicate an existing game, or create an entirely different engine for free.

You can enjoy real-time graphics and sound, explore different Rhythm games, and quickly customize the game audio. The app participates and different stages and challenges to evaluate the audio game experience to the next level. Apart from audio, the players also uniquely designed their images.

How to play the game?

Once you download and install the app on your device, then open the app and start to play the game, the game starts loading from its server and then starts the game. You can touch the rhythm with your hands, and the music is generated when you touch the boxes with your fingers. When you touch multiple boxes, the music is generated from it, and then you can customize it according to your need and use it anywhere. You can apply different music effects on generated audio. When you generate music, you will be rewarded as appoints, and if you completely generate music, then you can go to the next level; each level has different options, and at the end of each level, you will be rewarded with unlimited money and coins,

Features of Sonolus

Low Audio Solution: This app provides an ideal choice to improve the audio experience, and it generates a high-quality audio solution that gives you complete control to modify the sound with different controls. You can change the audio settings and remove the noise by using advanced technology.

Sound Effects: The app allows you to choose and use various sound effects in your Idea. There are 40 plus audio effects available, and you can choose any of them to remove the noise from the sound. Multiple sound effects and elements exist, including synths, pads, drums, and basses.

Servers: The app support feature will allow users to share their servers with others to enjoy their music together, and the users can customize their audio experience by adding music effects.

Interactive Interface: The app has an interactive, user-friendly interface that allows a musician to navigate all the levels easily within the app and enables the music creation layout and Exploration.

Customizable Instruments: You can customize instruments, including synthesizers, drum kits, guitars, and more. Make your sound perfect by customizing it using available tools.

Real-time Feedback: The app supports a real-time feedback feature on your compositions, receives suggestion tips, and is inside to enhance your musical journey and explore your Creations.

Extensive Sound Library: The app offers a comprehensive sound library with a white range of symbols, loops, and effects. By using different categories and experiments, the musician creates a unique composition.

Key features

  • It is an audio game simulator for all Android and iOS users.
  • You can simulate the sound waves of your favorite tank.
  • It’s safe and Secure; you can use it anytime, anywhere.
  • You can explore sound modes from highest quality to lowest quality.
  • You can use powerful scripts to create a different sound engine.
  • You can join the community for the latest development news and information.
  • You will receive rewards after completing the level.
  • You can share your creations on social media.
  • You can share the music with friends and challenge them to beat you.
  • The app of her both free and premium features.
  • The app is compatible with all Android devices.


The musical industry has become more essential than ever. It provides a platform for musicians to compose, share, and uniquely explore music. The musicians create music and customize it according to your needs using available tools. Its user-friendly interface, collaboration features, and customizable instrument share server audio solutions improve security and sound library. Mac. This app is a choice for magicians of all levels and makes this app different from others, so download the application now to start your music journey with the latest instruments and fresh music.


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