Streamkar MOD APK Download v9.10.10 (Unlimited Coins)


StreamKar is a video streaming app for video calls with people and makes fans from worldwide. This application came in the social category and was developed by Tipping Points Technology Ltd. This app allows you to live stream your special moments with others. You can use the random chats option to connect with people from worldwide at any time, share funny photos, short videos, and text messages, and make groups for live chat. 

You can join this app from anywhere worldwide, become part of fun live videos and enjoy live games with friends. You can show your talent to your friends and become famous. You can participate in dance, eat, chat, travel, and gaming and make videos and share them on your profile; you can share your videos on different social platforms. 

Special and Unique Features 

Safe environment & clean content: This app creates a safe environment for users because the app support monitoring 24 hours of content and filters the content to enforce the rules. Make sure the people can follow the rules and safely enjoy. 

Achieve your dreams and support yourself: The app allows users to go online and pursue their dreams as talented individuals. 1000+ users have found financial support for themself and their families through this app. This app allows its users to make videos, grow as creators, and make money. 

Live Video Chat, Meet new friends: The app offers free live streaming to show your skills and talent to others to gain more followers. 

Live Streams and become a famous superstar: The influences go live anytime within the app, and over 2000+ people live stream daily, make friends, and get on live calls with them. You can start live video calls worldwide, make local and foreign friends, and chat with them privately. 

Beauty Filters & Stickers: You can use filters and stickers during live streaming. This includes cat, mouse, crown, queen, masks, fancy glasses, and many more options. Additionally, beauty face filters can enhance your appearance by providing features like skin whitening, face-lifting effects, and making your eyes appear bigger. 

Amazing Gifts: Express your appreciation by sending virtual gifts to broadcasters and choosing a variety of cool different gifts in different sizes. Send popular, lucky, unique, and elegant gifts to friends and online influencers. 

Participate in PK Challenge & Game: You can participate in pk challenges, play games, and help your favorite steamer by sending gifts.

Latest Features

  • The app has a spotlight option to show your skills to the world. 
  • You can play the adjective games like Ali Baba’s Cave, treasure hunt, SK Derby, and much more with your friends and followers. 
  • You can create a chat group with your SK friends; this feature is only available under the squad option. 
  • The app supports the pk matches option, where you can play a Live PK game. 
  • Become a VIP member and show your work and exclusive gifts like badge rank booster and video/audio calls. 
  • Vote for your favorite streamer and make them win by sending gifts. 
  • Discover surprising gifts by opening bronze, silver, and gold chests. 
  • You can join chat rooms for 1-o-1 talk via video or audio calls. 
  • You can use the multi-guest feature to make a group of 6 people and talk to them in group chat. 


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