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Symfonium is a user-friendly music app that is designed for modern needs. This app is not only about blank music but also a central hub for your music sources. You can link this app with music providers like your device, Plex, Emby, Jellyfin, Subsonic, and Kodi. Additionally, this supports playbacks on various devices like Chromecast and UPnP/DLNA devices. This app is paid, but when you install the modified version, you must complete access to the tools and features.

Key features

This app supports all media providers, including Your Android device, Plex, Emby, Jellyfin, Subsonic, and Kodi) in a fast, beautiful, intuitive interface.

Cast to Various Devices: Symfonium allows you to cast your music to Chromecast, UPnP/DLNA, or Kodi devices, with support for gapless playback on compatible devices.

Offline Playback: Cache your media for offline playback manually or automatically using custom rules.

Android Auto Support: Offers advanced Android Auto support for in-car music control.

Custom Tag Parsing: Utilizes an advanced custom tag parser for local devices, supporting a wide range of file types and tag formats.

Composer Support: Includes support for composers, catering to classical music enthusiasts.

Audiobook Features: Provides audiobook functions, such as playback speed adjustment, skip silence, and resume points.

Intelligent Filters and Playlists: Organize and play your media using smart filters and playlists based on various criteria.

Playlist Support: Offers complete playlist support with synchronization for most media providers.

Customizable Interface: Allows complete customization of the app interface, including tabs, shortcuts, home page, sorting options, and more.

Transcoding Support: Supports transcoding when casting to Chromecast and UPnP devices.

Multiple Media Queues: Easily switch between audio books and playlists without losing your configuration.

File Mode Support: Supports file-based music playback.

Playback Cache: Prevents music interruptions during network issues.

Adaptive Widgets: Features adaptive widgets for convenient music control.

Favorites and Ratings: Supports favourite tracks and 5-star ratings.

Lyrics Support: Displays lyrics, including synced lyrics embedded in media files or provided by media providers.

Personalized “Mix” Modes: Offers advanced personal and instant “Mix” modes based on your listening habits.

Material You and Theming: Adopts Material You and Android 12+ coloured themes while allowing for custom pieces.

Local Music Player: Provides an advanced local music player with features like gapless playback, skip silence, volume boost, and support for various formats.

Advanced Equalizer: Features an advanced equalizer with preamp, compressor, and limiter, with options for multiple bands.

AutoEQ Support: Supports AutoEQ with over 4200 optimized headphone profiles.

Artist Information: Scrapes artist images and biographies for local Android media.

Additional Features: A sleep timer, widgets, automatic suggestions, and more for music enthusiasts.

User-Driven Development: Symfonium’s development is influenced by user requests and feedback.

No Subscription Required: Symfonium offers its features without requiring Plex Pass or Emby Premier subscriptions.

Subsonic Support: Compatible with most Subsonic servers, including original Subsonic, Navidrome, Airsonic, Gonic, Funkwhale, and Ampache.

Kodi Compatibility: Requires Kodi Matrix (v19) or a more recent version for compatibility.


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