Talking Bacteria John APK (Latest Version)

Talking Bacteria John APK
Talking Bacteria John APK

Talking Bacteria John APK is a mobile application that allows users to interact with a virtual character’s pet and John taking bacteria. This game provides an interactive experience where users can talk to John, play games and activities, and customize the characters according to their needs. Multiple mini-games are available within the game, and the users can choose any of the characters.


  • The user can converse with John and repeat their words in a funny voice.
  • The game allows users to play mini-games within the game.
  • It is a tiny bacteria game with black and blue eyes.
  • You can use the straight jumps feature to clean the characters.
  • Multiple animated characters are available, and you can customize them according to your need.
  • The game allows to customize the appearance of characters.

Using Talking Bacteria John APK

Here are some points while you are playing the game.

Talking to the Bacteria: Once you installed the app on your device, launch the app and start tracking the talking bacteria with John and repute their words and different sounds.

Playing Games and Activities: The game allows users to enjoy the different mini-games and participate in activities that provide fun where to spend your free time.

Customizing the Bacteria’s Appearance: You can customize your character John’s appearance by selecting different outfits and accessories, giving them unique styles on different occasions, and experimenting with various combinations to create the perfect look for John.


It is an entertainment and interactive virtual pit app that takes Victoria to live on your smartphone with its conversation feature mini-games and customization.


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