TallyUP! Tiny Games MOD APK (Free Purchase)


TallyUP is a casual game developed by TallyUP! Team. You can begin with the gift of free money courtesy of sponsors. Engage in quick 1 minute games competing with others to increase your earnings. You can transfer your earnings to your PayPal Account at an additional minimum after 10% of Your winning course toward charity cases.

You can participate in tournaments and when big money unlocks new games and challenges. This app is 100% free to play and allows you to enable anyone to complete fun, simple, and very fair games and win up to millions of dollars in real price money.

Start with a small amount of real money you have. You will see the sponsor and be paired against another player with similar sponsorships, completing one-minute games to determine the winner and advance up the money Tower. These games are designed for quick learning and are accessible to everyone, making it easy to play and within minutes.

As you play the game, your price money grows rapidly even if you begin with a single penny, and each victory Doubles your earnings, turning it to $10 after 10 minutes, 10,000 after 20 minutes, and an impressive $10,000,000 after 30 wins.

This app stands apart from other games and is unique because you can’t use your money to attack any risks. You don’t need to spend money to have a Chance At winning, and everyone in the game can play; with practice, you could potentially win a substantial of money in the game, including a Game Show for Everyone.


In this game, each player has an equal shot at winning the actual cash price, and success comes down to testing your Mini can battles, outsmartings, and a touch of luck. This game is designed to be cheat-proof insurance that every player has an actual shot at winning. It’s a level plan that everyone can have a real opportunity to win cash prizes.


Engage in thrilling mini-games against other players to win their balance and advance up the Tower. These design games are easy to enjoy, blending elements of bluffing, strategy, and luck. Experience Live Games excitement by competing with others and challenging friends at your place in a match of the mod. On your skills in Arcade mod, participate against upon and to enhance your mini-games proficiency. This game has dynamic gameplay for competitive showdowns and casual challenges, ensuring entertainment and engagement for players of all levels.


When your balance reaches $10, you can withdraw it through PayPal. Upon checking out, 10% of your winnings are donated to charity. You can contribute more than 10% If you wish to make a greater impact. This charity donated to recognize us that are listed on this app.


When you begin a new clamp in the game show with no money, you can spin a wheel that determines your starting free funds. Basics spin ensures a minimum of one cent and up to 50 Cents. You have access to a unique wheel and can win at least 50 Cents and up to $20. Invite more friends on this app and mega spin for each friend you refer.


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