Tappytoon MOD APK (Unlimited token)

Tappytoon MOD APK
Tappytoon MOD APK

Are you a fan of Comics & Novels, and do you want to access a wide range of comic stories and novels? Then you come to the right place. This article will explore the best new comics, novels, and exclusive webtoons on Tappytoon.

Tappytoon Mod is a popular platform that combines webtoons and Manga from various genres, including action, comedy, adventure, fantasy, romance, and more. It’s the trusted place to read exclusively series from top creators. You will explore the latest chapters of action comics, such as Solo Leveling, Dungeon Reset and A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special, and more. Whether you are a fan of comics or novels, this app is the best choice. Download now and start to explore its amazing novels.


Unlock chapters with points: You can support creators, authors, and artists by purchasing novels and earning easy points. This app allows you to access the unlocked chapters anytime.

New chapters daily: The app regularly updates new chapters under different categories. Try to enable notifications for new chapters every day.

Unlock Chapters with Points: You can support the artist, authors, and creators by purchasing the content on this app, and this app gives you appointments to unlock a new chapter and access the premium content. All the chapters and premium features are available in your account, and you can access them anytime.

Free tickets to try a new comic: You have the opportunity to climb the free tickets in the app, and you can use these tickets to unlock additional chapters of comics, novels, and webtoons and expand you are reading experience, and access more content on the platform.

Variety of Genres: The app of a wide variety of different Genres. More than 50 + Genres are available such as action, adventure, Romance entertainment, and more. You can explore each category with unlimited content.

Offline Reading: The app offers an offline reading feature and allows users to download their favorite comics and novels to enjoy offline. You don’t need any internet connection when you read the download content for free.

Key Features

You can get premium and original art, quality art, and top stories within the app.
You can claim and take it to unlock new chapters.
Daily check-in gifts and rewards are available within the app.
Access the unlocked chapters at any time.
Comics are available in English and French language.
You can read the novels and the English language only.
The app support Author and Artist Collaboration.
Engaging Storylines
You can view weekly and monthly popular novels and comics.
You can explore novels and comics by applying filters.
You can search for the most popular newest, and most viewed content within the app.

What’s New in the latest version

  • Added original stories and exclusive hits.
  • Added 15 new novel series and favorite comics.
  • Unlocked comics and novels points.
  • Unlocked chapters and new episodes for all users.
  • Plus, membership is unlocked for all users.
  • Improved graphics and performance.
  • Minor bug issues.

Frequently asked questions

How do I access Tappytoon’s comics and novels?

To access the collection, you can visit the website and download the app, which is available for Android and IOS devices.

Are there free options available on this app?

Yes, the app of US selection of content for free; however, they provide premium features through their membership.

Can I read comics and novels offline?

Yes, the app of online and offline reading features. I love to download my favorite novels and comics and enjoy them without an Internet connection.



In comics and novels, this app stands out as a premier platform for storylines and stunning artwork. With its multiple genres, exclusive content, user-friendly interface, and affordable subscription option, this app is the best choice for a reading experience that caterers to readers’ interest worldwide. This app a free, and membership offers more benefits and regular updates. So if you are a fan of comics and novels and this app is the best choice, join now to start your reading journey.


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