Thlive Mod APK (Unlock Room/Money)


thlive mod apk is a live streaming application popular in the Thai market. More than 10 million people use this application all over the world. The user participates in virtual parties worldwide, hosts events and video shows, and enjoys unlimited entertainment with friends from worldwide.

The app provides unlimited life streams in which you always find something new and exciting. You can join video or audio streams and gifts to the video calls, interact with the host, and participate and parties. The modified version offers additional features for calling virtual streaming audio and video party rooms unavailable in the original application. You have to pay to use the premium features, but everything is unlocked if you install the modified version.


Virtual Streaming: The app offers a virtual streaming option to create unique Avatar Characters, your facial feature outfits style, and participate in dance parties. You can also set up a virtual stream and invite friends from all over the world.

24/7 Live Streams: This feature makes this app different from others because it provides an unlimited life stream for dancers. Singers, make a part is social media gurus, and you can find your favorite skill and start live streaming at any time.

Different categories and channels: The app offers popular live stream categories for Gamers, music, movies, storytelling, dancing, shows, entertainment, and more options for users to start live streaming different categories and channels.

Audio Rooms: You can create audio rooms for chats with friends and strangers and share your thoughts on any topic, such as gaming, everyday life, TV shows, and more.

Video Party Rooms: The app supports video party rooms; you can invite up to 9 friends and your party to participate in different activities. Playing games, singing songs, are rost each other.

Wide Range of Entertainment Options: The app offers unlimited entertainment like dancing, singing, gaming, and more.

Support English: If you are searching for content in English, then its app support the English language. You can search for your favorite content and different categories like movies and TV shows Sports in English.

No Login: The best feature of this app is to listen to your favorite music, songs, and movies on Spotify and Pannadora for free, and you don’t need to register to watch and listen to the content. You can open the application and start exploring and watching the free content.

Simple and easy to use: With its user-friendly interface, users of every age use this application without issue. Users easily create accounts, forget passwords, shop payment live streaming, and communicate with others in simple steps.

Benefits of Thlive Mod Apk

Engaging Content: By using this app, you can create captivating content and discover new interests.
Real-Time Interaction: You can interact with weavers and content creators during life chat. It’s the best option to engage with the community.
Flexibility and Convenience: The app provides the flexibility to watch the live stream at any time, anywhere, and it’s compatible with Android and IOS devices.
Opportunities for Content Creators: This app provides a platform for content creators to show their skills build their fan base audience, and monetize their content through virtual gifts and donations from views.

Free of Cost: This app is completely free of cost, and you can access live television shows and movies without paying extra.
Online Active Community: Connect with people worldwide and make it a great platform to make new friends and engage in cultural exchange.
Send gifts: By using this application, you can grow as a content creator and through gifts.
Updated with Trends: Using this application, you can stay up to date with the latest trends, events, and happening across different categories. Always update your app to the latest version to stay active in real-time updates.

What’s new in the latest version

  • Unlock the private and paid room for free.
  • Allow users to record the screen and videos.
  • Sign-in or login future removed; now you can access the content.
  • All the advertisements are removed.
  • Now you can add up to 9 people in video rooms.
  • Added Unlimited gifts.
  • Added anonymous message option.
  • Added different themes for profile pictures.
  • Added 5 languages.
  • Added live Battles in channels or live streaming.
  • Added 100+ channels, and users watch them anywhere at any time.
  • Added settings for user profiles to customize their profile look and feel.
  • Added movies and games.


This application is available for Android and IOS devices, requiring a stable internet connection for virtual lifestreaming. You can live stream with friends from all over the world and chat with new friends each other. You can also create audio and video rooms and chat with friends and friends. Then this application is the perfect choice for you. Download the app now, start live streaming, and Make new friends worldwide.


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