TradingView Mod APK (Premium Version) 2023


In the market, many apps trade the stock market and provide complete user information about the Stock Market’s upcoming ups and downs, which helps the user choose the right time for investment. Still, these apps have limited features, that why Tradingview mod apk comes into the market. This app lets users track the stock market and get information about companies’ shares, cryptocurrency, and more.

With this app, traders can easily access a wide range of tools, including custom indicators alerts, strategies, and advanced chart tools that help them quickly understand what’s happening.

What is TradingView?

It is a financial platform for all traders and entrepreneurs, giving them different ideas to promote their businesses. It’s a super chatting platform for traders and investors. This app is available for Android and iOS devices, and you don’t need any money for registration, but if you invest in different stocks or shares, you have to pay money.

Features of TradingView Mod APK

The app has different features that are not available in other apps. Let’s take a close look at its features.

Custom Indicators and Strategies

The app allows its users to create and use their custom indicators and strategies, which give traders a unique inside into the market trends and help them make their trading system with its abilities and strategies. The trade analyzes the market data in a way that suit their need.

Unlimited Alerts and Watchlists

Using the Mod version, the app provides unlimited alerts and Watchlists features for traders to create unlimited alerts to monitor multiple market situations and trading strategies without restriction.

Advanced Charting Tools

One of the noteable features of tradingview is that it allows users to use advanced drawing, technical indicators, and advanced chart tools to help them to identify patterns for upcoming trends in the market.


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