Travel Boast v1.70 MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

Travel Boast
Travel Boast

Are you a traveler looking for ways to enhance your travel experience? Then you have come to the right place. This article discusses the Travel Boast apk, where you can make animated videos for your journey and different roots and share them with your friends on the front social platforms. You can highlight important parts and your map, and these parts will access you to make animated stories about your traveling. You can easily share these videos and post them on your Instagram profiles and other social platforms.


Create Animated Videos: Using this app, you can easily create animated videos of your trips or routes currently trending within the app. You can use its tutorial block section to understand the animated video-making process. This feature is available for Android and ios users.

Travel Recommendations: The app organizes your traveling and allows you to personalize your Recommendation best based on your interests and preferences. You can explore the best local transport restaurants popular to arrest attractions are hidden places with few clicks. The app has many recommendations to discover a new and exciting experience easily.

Real-time notifications: The app has a built-in notification to update you with flight status, changes, and delays. You can also modify your traveling plans and create a custom notification for plans and flights.

How to Use this app?

You can download this app from Google Play, App Store, or any website compatible with smartphones and tablets.

Creating a Trip: Once you downloaded and installed the app on your device, then launch the app and then go to the home screen, click on Create a New Trip option and fill out all the necessary information, including the destination travel that’s and your interest. The app generates the best route for traveling based on your information.

Adding Itinerary Details: You create a tape and then add itinerary details, including flights, recommendations, and other activities you plan to visit. The app allows you to put the information location, specific times, and additional notes to ensure all your arrangement or well documented.

Exploring Recommendations: Once you create a route for your journey then, at last, you can explore the recommendations provided by the app, and you can browse different categories and search functions to find the best places and interests. You can read reviews about places, view photos, and gather essential information that will help you to inform about your visited location.


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