TuxlerVPN MOD APK (Premium VPN FREE)


TuxlerVPN Mod APK is a revolutionary VPN network with several server locations available from all over the world. This application allows you to access blocked websites in specific countries with unlimited band-weight military-grade encryption, a wide range of locations, and more. This VPN is compatible with Windows, iOS, Chrome, and Firefox.

The baby provides a free version with regular speed, unlimited bandwidth, a square connection, unlimited locations, unlimited IPs, and unlimited access to the location for free. You can use this VPN and law internet, providing a secure network for users. You can unlock blocked websites, proxy Browsers and use the network safely.


Access every website: This VPN overcomes that extraction and allows you to access any website and content you want.

Residential IPS: This app provides residential IPS because these iPS are Virtually impossible to trace, so this app allows you to use the website anonymously.

Millions of locations: There is no geographical restriction within the app, and this app gives a million lessons, and you can choose any location from them.

UNLIMITED BANDWIDTH: There is no bandwidth issue within the app. It gives you the freedom to use the network by simply clicking on the “connect” button and use the network and access any website content for free.

Always free: This VPN added 70000 fresh IPs every month with unlimited, and you can use these IPs at any time without subscribing to any paid plan.

Encrypted Connections: All connections are encrypted, and you can start browsing anonymously; this app ensures your security and makes your network secure. This feature handles security, especially when you use a public Wi-Fi connection.

Unlimited Proxy Tuxler: The app has random proxies that will be added every month, which helps you block all the major websites and customize the websites according to your need. This VPN does not stay with the same proxy. They always refresh themselves and generate a unique proxy for your network.

Key features

You can protect your IP address through this VPN.
You can improve your streaming experience.
You can easily set up this VPN on your device.
This application of 3000 VPN Services and more than 300 000 IPS addresses worldwide.
All the VPNs are fully anonymous.
This application is 100% unlocked browsers.
You can access the blocked website for free on a blocked proxy browser according to your need.
You can buy past the location and restrictions to access the premium content.
You can get the residential IPS every month.
You can activate this VPN in a few steps.

What’s new in the latest version

Added 20+ Cities with different IPs.
All the premium locations are content or unlocked for you.
Added random proxies.
Added a new IPS and locations.
Added 24/7 support system.


This is a secure VPN that provides you unlimited speed, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited server switching, unlocking the VPN provider’s proxies, and removing restrictions from different locations without any subscription. That has 100,000+ IP addresses for 3000+ servers all over the world. You can enjoy streaming and downloading blocked content without any restrictions. So if you are looking for a reliable and Secure VPN, install this application on your device and explore restricted content.


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