Tycoon’s Choice: My Secretary MOD APK (Unlocked)

Tycoon's Choice:Tycoon's Choice:
Tycoon's Choice:

Tycoon’s Choice: My Secretary is a modern RPG simulation mobile game inspired by a thrilling novel narrative. In this game, players are invited to enter the world where they become a tycoon in an underworld City. The game’s central character is recruiting different agents to navigate challenges and opportunities. The game has an interesting dating feature with charming companions, making the gameplay more interactive and enjoyable.

As players progress through the game, they connect with these companions, referred to as gorgeous babes in the description. This expectation offers an extraordinary dating adventure in the virtual realm by managing relationships and resources effectively. Players take the Underworld icon position and navigate the world’s power relationships and strategy.

This game’s storytelling is different for every player, and it combines strategy and personal interaction, empowering players to shape their destiny in the lovely underworld City setting.

Build and Manage your business.

As you progress throughout the game, you have multiple options, and one of them is business in your city. Recruit the agents and employees to expand your business in your city and create the greatest industry in the world.

Recruit the best agents.

Create a team of outstanding agents in Underworld City, and by recruiting a skilled individual, you will establish a force capable of conquering various challenges and maintaining your dominance in the urban landscape.

Meet the stunning Babes.

This game has more than 10 gorgeous babies to explore the realistic and immersive dating experience.

Creating a Guild

You can gather your allies and join forces to navigate and engage in battles within your city and work to overcome the challenges and achieve victory as a unit team.

Luxury Life Experience

You can collect luxury vehicles, advance weapons, control all the terribles of the city, and enjoy all the realistic luxury life experiences.


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