MOD APK (Premium Unlocked) MOD APK MOD APK is a video editing application that allows you to make and modify videos for sharing on social media platforms. This app offers useful features, including adding automatic subtitles to your video at just the appearance of text, accessing a collection of ready-to-use media and useful music, and visualizing audio levels with sound waves. This app enhances the video creation and editing process. 

The Veed captions app helps you to add subtitles to your video without doing it manually. This app uses smart Computer technology to understand what is being said in the video and write it down in more than 50 languages. You can adjust the look of the subtitles by changing colors, making them move, and editing them. This app is available on the App Store and works fine with iPhones and iPads, but now you can download this app on your Android. Download the apk file from our website and enjoy this to make your videos professional for social media. 

Automatic subtitles generation 

veed io mod apk uses smart technology to understand the video voice and write it down as words. You can upload the video to this app, select the language, and tap on the subtitle tool. This app will make subtitles for your video in a short time. You can use these subtitles separately or put them on to the video. 

Subtitles editing and styling 

veed captions helps you to change the words that appear in your video. You can change the words to look like the style, color, size, and where they appear. You can choose when the words appear or disappear on the video, and you have complete options to move the words around and make them stand out by giving them special effects and highlights. 

One-click translation 

One of the best features of this app is that it translates your whole video into your Preferred language. You can upload a video, tap on translate this video, select the current language of the video, select the other option you want to convert, and then click on the translate button to translate your video. 

Edit, add, or remove words. 

When this app generates the Automatic captions for your video, then this gives you edits to customize your subtitles. You can add or remove words from your video. 

Customise style and position 

You can customize captions by changing text style, animations, and positions. There are 20 + built-in Text titles available, and you can choose any of them to make your captions more attractive. 

Multiple languages support 

This app works with over 50 languages and accents to create subtitles and change spoken words into text. This makes your video easy for everyone to understand, and you can even change the language of your words or the book to include more people. It also helps you to share your video with more people by changing them into different languages. 

Text-to-speech option 

This tool allows you to turn words you wrote for subtitles into spoken words using a voice that sounds like a real person. You can pick the language and voice sounds and change the voice settings to louder or softer, faster or slower, and higher or lower. 

Publish On Any Social Media

This app offers that when you create your video with subtitles, you can choose a format for sharing on social platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Tiktok, and Instagram stories. You have multiple options. You can create one video for all social platforms or a specific one for a specific platform.

Key Features 

Using this app, you can import or record your video. 

This app automatically generates captions. 

You can fix any words that are misspelled quickly and easily. 

You have the option to choose the right style. 

Captions are available in more than 50 languages. 

You can use existing videos to record a new one. 

You don’t need to upload your files. You can import them from your storage. 

You can Trim the videos. 

You can change the aspect ratio of your video and make it ready for sharing on different platforms. 

What’s new in the latest version 

  • Bug fixes and improvements.
  • Added 5 new text styles. 
  • Improve the video quality. 
  • Added voice recognition to show even different people speaking on a video. 
  • Adding a Title for each video 
  • Adding download caption option. 
  • Easy Touch Controls.
  • Added Multilingual Support
  • Added Shareable Options for facebook, tiktok, youtube and more.


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