VREW MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)


VREW is a video editing application developed by VoyagerX. With the help of this app, you can add subtitles to videos. You can use this app on your phone or tablet, and it’s available on Android and IOS platforms. Using this app, the subtitles appear at the bottom of each video, helping you understand what’s being said. This app listens to the video and creates a subtitle automatically. Almost all the created captions and subtitles are accurate, but you can make small changes if there is any mistake. 

This app also allows you to edit your videos. Remove the unnecessary parts and change your video resolution and effects. People who use this application give the app a rating of 5 on the Play Store and 4.7 on the App Store. It’s an easy-to-use application, and all the features are designed simply for everyone with little editing knowledge. It’s a helpful tool to make videos more interesting and understandable by adding words at the bottom of your video. It is also good to make videos short by cutting out unnecessary parts. So, if you are looking for an app to edit your videos using all-in-one editing features, this app is the best choice. Download and install the app now and enjoy the premium editing features. 

Easy & fast caption editing 

This app automatically analyzes speech in your video and creates a draft of entire subtitles. Before applying the captions to your videos, you can revise the captions, make some changes if you find any mistakes, and then import the captions on your video. 

 Editing cut with a single button 

If you are frustrated with old video editors and hours of editing, this app is the best choice. It automatically creates subtitles for your video and converts a long video into multiple parts. If you don’t need any part, delete those clips you won’t use. 

Key features 

It is an easy video editing application for document-style editing. 

This app reads your entire video clips. 

This app supports multiple languages, including English, Spanish, Korean, and Japanese. 

This app uses generated subtitles that can help you to save time. 

This app offers AI-generated voices that can be used for voice-over in your video. 

This app automatically trims the silence part from your videos, making them more engaging and professional-looking. 

This app supports a range of export options, including MP4, GIF, and more. 

You can trust your life stream videos to professional-quality content. 

This is the best platform for creating short videos for TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, and more. 

This app offers a piece of free music for videos.


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