Wrestling GM MOD APK (Unlimited Money and Coins)

Wrestling GM
Wrestling GM

Wrestling GM is a sports game made for Android devices, and in this game, you will be a manager and organizer for wrestling. You can choose 20 wrestling companies from worldwide and challenge other managers. By playing this game, you can create your wrestlers, choose matches location, plan matches and deals, handle money, and more. This game is a simulation game, and you need to think and be creative non about wrestling. You can see your progress and compare it with other players’ performance. So if you like wrestling, the amazing features of this game.

Game Overview

Prepare yourself for a new experience and enjoy a new wrestling manager role like never before. This game includes 20 USA, Canada, Mexico, Europe, and Japan wrestling companies. You have complete options to lead any of these wrestling organizations and have full control over part and destiny.

Every company in the game has its special qualities. They have different fans, trees, and wrestlers. Each company has wrestlers; some companies are new with young rational while others are big and famous. Fans of some companies like traditional matches, while others prefer action-packed brawls or entertaining shows.

In this game, your job is General Manager or organizer. You try to make an exciting show that will please different groups of friends. You have complete authority to decide how things happen, and you can choose the matches, championships wrestlers and make decisions in the world of wrestling.

Different wrestling matches

This game offers different types of wrestling games like ladder matches, triple threats, and hardcore bouts. The game has rules that players need to follow to win, or they can try different strategies if they want.

Online Multiplayer Mode

This game offers online and offline gameplay. In offline, you can play the game only with AI or computer opponents; on the other hand, in online gameplay, you can play against other players. You can invite friends through the links, participate in tournament matches, and compete against others.

Key features

This app has 20 wrestling companies from different regions and their roster titles and histories.
You can create your wrestlers with custom body stats, gimmicks, factions, and costumes.
Using this app, you can book other wrestlers’ matches.
You can easily manage money, staff and hiring staff, and more.
You can share your result with the wrestling community and challenge online players for competition.


Wrestling GM is the best sports game that comes under the wrestling category. And this game, you become a manager and organizer, manage different wrestling words and plane Matches, and handle different activities. This game is the perfect choice for those who are looking for wrestling games. Download, install the app now, and experience the wrestling world.


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