XENO BALL 3.529 APK + MOD (Unlimited Money)


Xeno Ball is an online fighting game designed by Fofudo Games. The game offers a 2D battle experience where you can unlock the enemy’s best characters to increase your power and make your character the next legendary Dragon Warrior. This game consists of Battle Arena, where you can participate in games and challenge your friends to meet new players from all over the world and challenge them by playing great online Battles. You can participate in a competition against other players to improve your ranking. 

When you play the game, you have opportunities to do something exciting you can unlock new characters, change their look, and give them special abilities that no one else has. This means you can make your character different from others, make it unique, and give them a personalized touch. 

How to play the game? 

This gameplay contains characters and transformations you can discover and use. Each character has unique looks and abilities. All the characters follow the same control pattern, making it simple and easy for all players to play. The control characters are designed; whether punching or kicking your special powers, they all engage in physical and special combat actions. This game plays excitement in the game to explore different characters and their powers during battle. 

Key features 

  • The game has 10 custom characters, unique styles, designs, and skills. 
  • You can easily customize clothing for each character. 
  • You can easily transform any character. 
  • You can increase the power of each character objectively. 
  • You can participate in online multiplayer game modes. 
  • You can create an arena and play real-time gameplay with other friends. 
  • You will get daily rewards that help your progress and a bonus for fitting other players. 
  • The game has an awesome map to increase your experience of battles. 
  • Easy and simple gameplay. 
  • All the advertisements are removed. 


You come to the right place if you want an online fighting game with EPIC Battle experience. In this game, you can participate in matches and tournaments, complete tasks, and earn rewards through money and coins. You can create your own and customize it according to your need. Download the game, enjoy millions of players worldwide, and start your journey in Xeno ball. 


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