Zeemo.ai MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)


Zeemo.ai is a captions and subtitle application that aims to swiftly and automatically add accurate captions to your videos. You don’t require any video editing expertly. This app uses voice recognition technology that takes care of your editing. You can also add your video and use the music you want to add. This app offers a user-friendly interface and a wide range of features such as editing, highlighting text editions, pre-made templates, and text styles. 

Currently, this application supports 20 languages for subtitles. It generates the caption for up to 5 hours long video and gives you an accuracy rate of 98%, which is better than other caption apps. Currently, you can use this application for free, but this app has three plans: one is $735, and the other is 64. Using the modified version, you can unlock everything and use the premium features for free. 

Why should your videos have captions and subtitles?

Adding captions offers multiple benefits for content creators like bloggers, game experts, and influencers who share short videos on platforms like TikTok Tok, Instagram, and YouTube. With captions, you can boost your video views and attract more followers and subscribers to your page and channel because nowadays, 85% of people watch videos without sound. So captions enhance video understanding and accessibility; additionally, they are more accessible for people who are deaf or from different cultures. 

Auto Captions – Batch edit the captions 

This app is designed with a user-friendly interface. Everyone with little expertise can use this application without any video editing knowledge. Using this feature, you can edit multiple auto-captions on your video, and this app supports batch processing and gives you more power to edit videos quickly. 

Multilingual Subtitles Recognition 

Currently, the latest version of this app supports 20 languages and makes it easy for everyone to add captions in any language to their videos. 

Video Caption Editing 

This feature offers editing for captions. You can easily highlight any words in the subtitle and add text like narrations and headlines. 

Bilingual Subtitle Translation

One of the popular features of this app is the automatic translation feature of captions, making it easy to create bilingual subtitles. 

Video Editing 

This app offers a built-in video editor feature that makes your videos more attractive, and this editor allows you to trim, cut, and edit the various aspects of your videos. Whether you want to remove the unwanted section or adjust the timing of the content, this editor gives you complete power to create the best version of your video before sharing it with your subscribers or followers. 

Dynamic Caption Generation 

The popular feature of this app is to generate dynamic captions. This feature automatically detects your content using advanced AI technology and then gives you suggestions to pick the captions. This app generates almost accurate results, so that’s why this dynamic feature is most used in this app. 

Pre-made templates 

Now, you don’t need any editing designing skills because this app allows you to choose the template you want to use, edit its colors according to your needs, and make a video quickly. 

Audio Subtitle Export 

This app allows you to export audio subtitles, and this feature simplifies the process of generating captions for videos with spoken content, such as talking videos or podcasts. 

YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok Video Editing 

With its powerful subtitle features and easy-to-use interface, this app is perfect for anyone who wants to take their video editing skills to the next level. Those who make a video for YouTube, Instagram, and Tiktok can easily use this app, adding captions and subtitles to their videos and engaging more engagement on content. 

Zeemo Premium 

  • Once you install this app, you will get the monthly 200 minutes and yearly 2500 minutes for free. 
  • All the premium captions, text styles, colors, and premat templates are unlocked. 
  • You can import and export unlimited videos. 
  • All the paid features are unlocked for you when you install this version. 

Key Features 

  • Get more views by using dynamic captions. 
  • This app offers a leading accuracy in the languages offered. 
  • Reach a Global audience with translated subtitles. 
  • Add captions with just one click. 
  • Save almost 95% of editing time with the batch edit feature. 
  • Unlimited video duration for pro and mod users. 
  • Easily export SRT files. 
  • Export the final video in different resolutions.

What Makes Zeemo Different

Zeemo is very different from many othr aaplications due to its awefull features. Zeemo ai has amazing feature of ai powered generation which makes this easy for you to generate the captions. This also has the feature of accurate and synchronization feature which make all the subtitles to be placed accurate. This is easy and simple to understand and also it supports multiple languages. Many more features has still have to come in future.

What’s New in the Latest Version

  • Improve Performance
  • Added More Dynamic Captions
  • Added 3 New Lagugaes for translation
  • Unlocked Unlimited Video Duration
  • Support SRT File
  • Support Batch Editing Process


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