8 Ball Pool MOD APK 5.13.3 (Unlimited Coins,Long Lie)

8 Ball Pool
8 Ball Pool

8 Ball Pool MOD is a popular billiards Android application that is developed by Miniclip.com. More than one billion users worldwide use this game every month. This became available on various platforms, including mobile devices and desktops. And this game, you use a stick to hits the Ball into holes in the table. The main goal is to put all your special balls into the first, and then you try to put the black Ball in the hall to win the game.

Game Overview

Miniclip.com developed this game for people who enjoy playing billiards. Billiards is a game that started in France around the 14 century, requiring many skills to be good at it. The rules can be simple: there are 15 balls, and each Player heads the seven balls into pockets using a cue stick, and the Player who pockets at Bal wins the game first. You can start the game by using an account or logging in using a social network like Facebook or Google. When the game starts, you should first try “Play 1 on 1” mode because it’s suitable for beginners, and you will have a few points. If you are new to the game, I recommend you first play 1-on-1 mode to polish your skills. Just know that even though you’re new, the opponents are experienced, so the game might not be easy. So if you don’t get another turn after the opponent’s place, be okay with losing, but if you are a big fan of billiards, these challenges won’t stop you from having fun.

Rules of 8-Ball Pool

Breaking: In this game, one Player starts hitting the triangle of the balls with the cue ball, and if they manage to put balls in a pocket during short, they get to keep playing the game.

Stripes and Solids: players have either striped or solid balls and then need to put their balls into the pocket before aiming for the 8-ball.

Potting Balls: Players try to turn their assigned balls into the pocket using the cue ball, and if they succeed, they keep playing the game; if they miss, they are terms, and the opponent plays the next shot.

8-Ball: The Player must sink the Ball after putting in all their balls; however, if they sink 8 balls too early, They lose the game instantly.

Fouls: Fouls happen when the cue goes into the pocket, doesn’t touch any other, isn’t pocketed, or doesn’t cross a certain line during the start or rules like hitting the lowest number Bal first or break after a fool. The Other players can put the cue ball anywhere on the table.

What is 8 Ball Pool MOD?

This is the original app’s modified version, which gives all the premium items for free, and you don’t purchase anything after installing the modified. You will get unlimited money, unlimited coins, and premium cues, which you can use during gameplay against your opponents and win the event sent on the men to become the top scorer in the game.

Features of Ball Pool

Multi-game modes

1 vs. 1: The “1 vs. 1” you will love to play games against another player one on one. You and your opponent play this game and test your skills and strategy to see who can pocket their balls first and win the match.
Tournaments: And tournament mod, you can participate in organized competitions against multiple players; these tournaments have different difficulty levels and offer various Awards best on your performance. When you complete the series of matches, try to win as many games as possible to move to the next tournament. As you progress, you will face different opponents, and when you win the tournament, you are different prizes.
Mini Games: Additional fun and challenges and these games from the standard pool Match and provide a unique employment experience. These mini-games are completing challenges within a time limit. Participate in mini-games and earn extra rewards.
Cups: Cups are newly added features and special events where you can test your skills against other players. Three cups, gold, silver, and Browns, are available, and you will win the tournaments to get these cups.
Friends’ Matches: This mode allows you to play against your friends and challenge your friend directly to play the Pool game.
Practice: In practice, the mod provides you with a press to improve your skills and get better at the game, and you can use the smart to play against AI appointment practice shorts on your own. You can apply different strategies and love new techniques to enhance your understanding of how the game works. Before planning the match, try the practice mode for better understanding.
Weekly Competitions: This More offer you to participate and special events that happen every week, and these competitions come with unique challenges, goals, and rules that change from week to week.

Different types of clubs

This app has three types of clubs: open, invite-only, and closed. In an open club, anyone can join the game without any approval. The invite-only club, anyone, can apply after the approval by the leader or co-leader will be made a part of the club. The closed club is for only close friends, and no outside is allowed.

Different types of cues

There are different types of awesome cues; you can use any of them to play the game. The list of cues is given below.

Archon Cue
Archangel Cue
Galaxy Cue
Valkyrie Cue
Firestorm Cue
Atlantis Cue
Shangri la Cue
Plasma Cue
Thor Hammer Cue
Excalibur Cue

Chats and stickers

You can send stickers and funny check messages to distract your opponents while playing. These features add a playful and amusing element to the game, making interacting with friends during matches enjoyable.

Easy-to-use and user-friendly interface

This game is really fun to play and easy to use. The gameplay is adaptive, but it’s simple to understand and use. All the features are easy to design, and the user interface is interactive and gives you helpful hints to make it more enjoyable.

Unlock new pool sticks.

Billiard sticks are important tools that boost players’ confidence during gameplay. These sticks come in different categories, like standard victory collection country, each with a different Unix style and stats to suit different players. You can get these states by buying with coins and cash and opening a box after matches. Participate in tournament events and when the activities and missions unlock the best sticks.

Unlocked cues

You can unlock the professional cues when you win the events and tournaments, but if you download the modified version of this game, you don’t need to wait for them. This version unlocks all the standard updated legendary country rings used and gives you all the access without any restriction. You can use all the quizzes freely and use this use to enhance your gameplay experience.

Daily lucky spin shots

8 Ball Pool games offer players free daily spins and shots. These let you win rewards like legendary cues, money, coins, cash cards, mysterious boxes, and more. You can receive a free pole short where you and your Ball are in the circle for a reward. It’s a great way to get cool items and an unlimited bonus while enjoying the game.

Customize Cue and Table

If you are bored with the default cue and table, this app offers a customizable feature to change the look of your cue and table. This means you can change the color and design of your pool table and even the color of your sticks.


8 ball pool long line feature extended the naming guideline that helps you to line up the shot more accurately. When you install the modified version, this long-line tool is unlocked for you, and it helps you aim better and make more precise shots.

8 ball pool Mod Menu

Using the modified version, you can unlock the mod menu and customize the game menu. This menu offers extra features, challenges, cheats, premium sticks, tables, cues, and tournaments that are not even available in the original game.

Key features

TL is available for Android and IOS users.
Using the modified version, you can easily enter the tournaments.
You can use unlimited coins and money IN the modified version.
You can play mini-games and earn rewards.
Ability to unlock professional cues.
You can use hacks and cheats for free.
You can use Limitless modes.
All the features are designed in HD graphics.
Ability to choose cause with various stats and effects.
Personalize your profile and cue appearances.
Ability to see the Player Rankings.
Complete challenges and unrewards and showcase progress.
This game has social integration feature to connect with friends through the social network.
Ability to use skill progression features to improve your skills and strategies.
Ability to use virtual currency and coins are purchased to unlock table items and cues.
Play 1-on-1 matches, tournaments, mini-games, and more modes.
Compete against players around the world in real-time matches.


8 Ball Pool APK provides a fun and visual billiards experience with different cues, gaming modes, online gameplay, tournaments, events, and cup mini-games to keep the players engaged. Whether you are alone or play with other players, this game is the best choice for casual and serious players who love virtual pools. I hope you enjoy this comprehensive guideline. You can comment below if you have any questions related to 8 Ball. Thanks for visiting our website and reading this article.


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