Ace Attorney Trilogy v1.00.01 APK OBB (MOD Fully Unlocked)

Ace Attorney Trilogy
Ace Attorney Trilogy

Ace Attorney Trilogy is an adventure game developed by CAPCOM CO., LTD. Over 1 million plus users use this application worldwide. The Ace Attorney Trilogy is a video series on courtroom battles and investigations. It spans various versions based on the platform and release date. This application is now available for PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and Android devices. If you like adventure games, you can download them for free website.

This game is like a bundle that includes 3 games Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, Justice for All, and Trials and Tribulations. Each game has special features for playing and problems to solve that will show how good you are at being a lawyer. These games have interesting characters and stories you will remember, and make sure you have a lot of fun playing them for many hours.


The gameplay is divided into two phases investigation and trial. In the investigation face, you can collect evidence and converse with witnesses and information. The trial face unfolds within the quote, and here, players utilize the evidence to present their case and challenge the witness statements. This involves closely questioning witnesses to find any mistakes and what they say. To do this, places must think logically and carefully to spot these differences and figure out what happened.

Players gather clues talk with others, and choose what to say, and this makes players feel like they are detectives and lawyers in thrilling situations of solving mysteries and doing legal stuff.

Stunning visuals

This game looks really good because of its amazing graphics. The characters look real with their personalities and unique things about them. The sound in the game, like the music and voices, makes everything feel even more real and exciting.

Key features

Redrawn artwork: The graphics, characters, and backgrounds have been removed to look sharper and more colorful.
Courtroom battles: You will have moments in the courtroom where you show proof, question witnesses, and find mistakes and what they say, and you will explore scenes, gather hands, and chat with people during the parts of the investigation.
Special characters: You will meet Sherlock Holmes, Maya Fey, Miles Edgeworth, and others with their personalities and stories.
Fourteen episodes: There are 14 parts in the game covering the first three grams, each with its own case and story to solve.


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