Astonishing Baseball Manager MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Astonishing Baseball Manager
Astonishing Baseball Manager

Astonishing Baseball (AB) is a sports game that offers daily free best bar managers simulator experience. In this game, you step into the role of baseball manager and coach, guiding a team of star players; as a General Manager, your mission is to lead your players to the ultimate achievement of winning the baseball cup. You will make strategies and decisions with your team and navigate professional challenges to reach the peak of success in this exciting sports simulation. 

Astonishing Baseball Manager isn’t your typical simulator. It lets you create your own story as a baseball coach with one goal of winning. To succeed, you even need a great coach and manager. 

My Franchise Player Mode 

In this ModeMode, you can play as a player-manager, lead the team to a championship, become an all-star sign sponsor, and earn badges for a top score. 

An All-star lineup at the ballpark 

This game allows you to create your dream team. Trade with other groups and sign free-agent stars during the season, scout and trend prospects to stardom in the Legends contest. In this game, you aim to become a top general manager of the best industry. 

Play on your terms 

This baseball simulator game offers unlimited offline play without waiting or ads, even for a full 9 in a game where you manage your team. There is no Wi-Fi need to create an account. Tap and play instantly. 

For baseball fans and stats nerds 

This game is easy to play and allows you to learn its gameplay easily. If you know the rules of the game, then you will all know how to play and become a coach. If you love the best numbers, you can easily access a wide range of detailed statistics, including perfect game records and war projections, by simplifying typing within the game. 

A living world 

This game offers a rich storyline in a customizable world. Sports fans are posting about the game and your brand-new rookie player. Reporters write articles about your closest performance and stand-out innings. Players messages about contracts and conscience; some even invite you, the coach, to dinner. 

Get international 

Are you looking for more talent in your league? Send Scouts to discover the word best prospective at their local ballparks. Invite the most promising players to join your team and help them become stars. 

A Prodigious Story 

You can create your player journey from high school to college. You can choose between joining the Emerald University of Seattle or studying in Japan. Navigate relationships, find love, and maintain friendships while becoming a local baseball superstar. It’s your role to shape the baseball star of your dreams. 

fierce online competition 

You can compete against other managers in various online multiplayer modes in Fierce Mode. Challenge yourself to become the king of the world champion in the exciting online competition at any time. 

Tremendous Rivalry 

Your team’s success may bring Fame, but be aware of talented and famous coaches’ challenges, and you will be thrown to the height of your glory. Watch for the darker family as they are ready for down with you. 

Live incredible stories 

As a coach and manager, you have a life outside of basketball. You can take your team to the burger restaurant, support the local Association, love, and get married. 


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