Auto Forward Spy APK (Premium Free)

Auto Forward Spy
Auto Forward Spy

Are you looking for a real spy app, an efficient way to monitor someone’s device activity? The Auto Forward Spy APK is a perfect app that provides a cutting edged and user-friendly monitoring system that alarms users to track someone’s actions on their phone, including their messages and calls. The user can also track their device activity.

What is Auto Forward Spy APK?

It’s a monitoring app that provides powerful monitoring features which help users monitor someone’s device activity, including text message calls, details, media activity, browsing history, and more. Android and IOS users can easily use this app to monitor different mobile activities.

How does Auto Forward Spy APK work?

The app uses advanced monitoring technology that allows access to collect data from the target device without the user’s knowledge. And most of the time, the app collects the data of those apps which are running in the background. First, you have to install it on your target device and then run the app. It will not be visible to users, but it records all the activities, stores the device data, and sends it to a secure online dashboard where you can access it remotely from any device without any internet connection.

Features of Auto Forward Spy APK

The app offers powerful features that make it a comprehensive and effective monitoring solution, and here are some key features of Auto of Forward Spa include

Call monitoring

Most Android or iOS users monitor the call activities of someone, so this feature is related to them viewing the call logs, including coming or outgoing calls, contact information, call history, duration, and access to all the dialed, received, or missed call data on the dashboard.

Text message monitoring

The user tracks sent, received, or deleted incoming or outgoing messages and expands the message to view all the contact details.

Social media monitoring

You can easily monitor all the social activities on social platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, whatsApp, Snapchat, Instagram, and more, and easily track their messages and post multimedia.

GPS tracking

You can track the real-time location of any target device using its GPS coordinates and monitor the device from anywhere.

Browsing history monitoring

Sometimes users want to track the device history of someone. This feature is helpful for those who track and view the history of the target device, including its visited website, search history, and bookmarked pages stored in the machine.

Multimedia file monitoring

The app takes control of its users to view all the multimedia files of the target device, including its tools’ video files, which are stored on their device.

Remote control

The best feature that makes this monitoring app different from others is the remote control of the target device by sending all information about the target device through its online dashboard. That gives different commands to take screenshots, lock the data, call contact, and more.

Benefits of Using Auto Forward Spy APK

Here are some benefits of using the app, which help parents, employees, and individuals who want to monitor the activities of their loved ones or employees.

  • The user interface makes it easy for all the users to set up the app on someone’s device easily.
  • The app has a stealth mode, invisible to the users of the target device.
  • It does not require any rooted device.
  • The app has a wide range of tools that helps to track the web’s activities and give complete information about the user’s activities.
  • You can access target device activity anywhere.


This app is best for those who want to track and monitor the activities of their loved one, to monitor their device location, messages, and other social activities. All the features are simple with its user interface design, and all the users easily understand its features and control. Thanks to the developer who made this app, and you enjoy a lot of features within the app.


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