AutoCap MOD APK 1.0.17 (Premium Unlocked)


AutoCap is an automatic video caption app that uses special technology for voice recognition, analyzes the video’s audio, and generates the captions automatically. You can find this app on both Android and Apple stores. Using this app, you can make your video exciting by moving words to them, and this app can write down what is said in the video up to 5 minutes long. It makes words that match what you say in the video, but if it makes a mistake, you can fix it and choose how it works, like their style, color, and how they move. You can save your video with the words as a special file when you are done. 

How it works? 

Once you download and install the app on your device, take a video of someone talking in it, and you can also record a new video talking. 

The app detects the voice in your video automatically and generates captions, but if it’s a mistake, you can change the work to the right. 

You can pick how words look and choose the style of the text, its colors, and how it moves on the screen. 

When the words work fine and look good on your video, you can save your videos, and it becomes a special type of file called MP4, then you can share it with your friends and social platforms. 

Choosing and changing text styles 

AutoCap app allows users to pick the text styles and font sizes that suit them. You can choose a color from the wide range of color palettes to catch the viewer’s eye. You have complete options to modify the text contained anywhere in the app. Once you save, you finish working on your video, then save it in a hidden MP4 file. 

Important points to read before using this application 

Before using this application, make sure it uses AI Technology and gets the information from different sources to generate 80% accurate results, but it has a nice background. This app is not working very well with noisy backgrounds. Before sharing videos on different platforms, ensure all the captions this app generates are accurate because this app sometimes does not generate accurate results. 

Key features 

This app aims to keep the original video format, quality, and resolution. 

This app allows you to transcribe up to 10 minutes of each video. 

You can completely copy the transcripted video into a clipboard. 

This app allows you to translate the transcribed caption into another language. 

This app supports 7 amazing text and animation styles. 

This app supports automatic voice recognition. 

You can easily edit text on videos. 

emphasize selected words in a different color 

You can directly save videos into the gallery. 

You can share created videos on YouTube, Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn. 

You can download the videos and their original quality without a watermark. 

All the premium features and watermarks are removed from the modified version. 

Android phones support all the record-it videos, and you can share videos to other platforms. 

You can generate captions from 80 languages. 

You can record a video with a prompt. 

Generate subtitles in 100 languages. 

Using a caption richer editor, you can easily edit captions. 

You can quickly export captions and subtitles files. 

What’s new in the latest version 

  • Added 20+ New languages
  • Added New Text styles and animations
  • Added Community support.
  • Fixed video export options.
  • Added HD Export video option.
  • Unlocked the premium resolution features for all users.
  • Unlimited Captions and subtitles.


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