Automatic Captions & Subtitles MOD APK (Latest Version)

Automatic Captions & Subtitles MOD APK
Automatic Captions & Subtitles MOD APK

Automatic Captions & Subtitles are Android and iOS app that automatically add captions and subtitles to your video. This app generates captions and subtitles for your video and generates accurate captions. This tool is based on advanced machine learning to recognize audio and place them on video with high accuracy. 

This tool is helpful for bloggers and influencers who create a video for social accounts. This tool helps them to boost views and followers. Using this app, you can automatically translate the subtitles to another language to reach more people. This app currently supports 100 + languages for captions and subtitles. This app allows users to export high-quality videos without any resolution issues. If you are an influencer blogger or content creator, I recommend you use this app for captions and subtitles; these tools make your settings different from others. 

Subtitle your videos 

When you import a video like a movie or video clip, people may want to read what is being said in the video, especially if they can’t hear the audio. To overcome this problem, this app uses AI to add those written words to the video all by itself, and it listens to the sound of your video and converts it to words that you can see at the bottom of your screen. 

You can also transcribe your video and automatically create beautiful subtitles. You can utilize the editing feature to edit the automatic subtitles and customize the text Placement of the video, change the font size, add emojis, and much more. 

Grow social media presence with subtitles on all platforms. 

You can generate automatic subtitles for TikTok videos, YouTube, and Instagram wheels. You can also export the Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook video subtitles. Using this feature, you can add a custom output resolution to your video and choose exactly how you want it to look when it has subtitles. 

Edit video subtitles / closed captions of the video. 

This tool has many editing features; you can put words on the video and change the subtitles. If a video is side-wise, you can turn it to write and customize the text tiles, even at emojis. You can combine multiple videos and apply different editing features like trimming the video, zooming in and out of the video, and much more. 

Export videos on multiple resolutions 

When you make videos, make sure they look awesome on TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube. This app gives you high quality, so the videos show in super Clear View, and you can easily share them with everyone on the social platform. 

Manage multiple video projects at once 

Using this app, you can change your videos while making them and work on them together. You can export high-quality videos with their original resolution, ensuring the audio and video are crystal clear. This tool focuses on social media platforms, keeping influences and followers growth in mind. 

Key Features 

This application offers easy-to-use editing tools like trimming, splitting, concatenating, adding subtitles, and adding emojis to videos. 

You can easily remove the unnecessary parts from your video using the trimming feature. 

You can easily add subtitles to your video using AI-powered automatic speech recognition to create the subtitles for you. 

This app has speech-to-text and voice-to-text algorithms to support 100 languages, including English, Spanish, French, Japanese, Chinese, and more.

You can easily transcribe any video. 

Add and edit subtitles automatically or manually. 

Rotate videos in the wrong orientation. 

Edit video font styles and font size. 

Add emojis and animations to your video. 

Customise subtitles to your liking. 

How to use automatic captions and subtitles on your videos 

First, you download and install the app on our website and then open the application by typing on the app icon. Once you open the application, choose the video you want to subtitle and choose where you want your subtitle video to be used. Then, the app automatically adds subtitles to your video. If you do not like automatic subtitles, you can add subtitles and adjust the file resolution position of subtitles according to your preference. Once you create the video, export the video on your mobile and share it with your friends on your social media handles.


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