Beast Lord Mod Apk v1.0.32 (Unlimited Gems/Money)

Beast Lord Mod Apk v1.0.32 (Unlimited Gems/Money)
Beast Lord Mod Apk

Beast Lord is a strategy game where players adventure to explore a fresh territory. They must strategically manage resources while summoning powerful creatures to defend their colony from heads and enemies. This game combines resource management explorations and creative-summoning tactics to challenge players to build and protect their territory and land.

The climate suddenly changed, and the resources became scarce. As a leader, you will decide to find a new place to live and grow. After facing many challenges, you discover a piece of land, but this new land looks peaceful and has many heads and dangers. Simply put, the leader is exploring a new ground due to a difficult climate and scarce resources. So, if you like strategy games, install this app on your device to enjoy the gameplay.

beast lord mod apk introduction


The gameplay of this game is best for creating and managing your animal kingdom. You must explore the Jungle, collect the resources, build structures, Research technology, and summon beasts. You can also breed and mutate your beasts to create a new species with different abilities.

Build Territory

You can create your territory, but there are hidden dangers you need to watch out for and protect your new home and ensure your family’s safety. All the options are in your hands, and you must create a secure environmental organization and build your structure. This is crucial to your strategy to make this territory thrive and develop successfully.

create your territory

Summon Beasts

To improve your territory defense system, you need together as many beasts as possible. Lead them in defending against outside Threads, compete for resources, and expand your land.

Start an exciting adventure of discovery

Get ready for a super cool game! It has awesome graphics and sounds that will amaze you. It’s like a special journey in a fantastic world. Similar to a famous game called Evony, but it takes collecting resources and fighting enemies to a whole new level. Get ready for a fun gaming adventure that will change what you expect from a game

Mutate Beasts

To win the in-battle resources and expand your land, you will require the help of Alphas, an addition to your formidable beast army. When you combine these Alphas with your beasts, drops will become unbeatable on the battlefield.

Key features

  • You can explore a vast and mysterious Jungle full of adventures and opportunities.
  • You can collect and manage various resources to build and upgrade your colony.
  • Summon and breed over 100 different beasts with unique skills and attributes
  • Evolve beasts for potent hybrids.
  • Engage in PvP or form alliances.

What’s New in the Latest Version

  1. New feature: Alpha Awakening.
  2. Trial Forest now has Forest Maze.
  3. Two new Medals: Megabeast Dominator and Efficient Operation.
  4. You can now switch accounts on the loading page.


Tackle challenges with skill and smarts. Beast Lord adds fun. Though different from usual credits, it might seem puzzling at first. Don’t worry! Once you begin, you’ll get it and move around easily. Unlock your potential for outstanding progress! Get set for an exciting clash where strategy is crucial.


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