Myths Of Moonrise MOD APK (Unlimited/Unlocked)

Myths of moonrise android role-playing games emerged in the fantastical realm ravaged by meteorites and creatures. As a player, you must assemble and nurture a diverse team of Heroes, each with unique abilities. These heroes engage in match three commode encounters against enemies. Beyond battles, you can construct and enhance your home base in bark-on-map explanation, collaborate with a guild, and participate in various events. This game offers a fantastic gaming experience by blending strategic hero management with exciting combat and world-building elements in a captivating fantasy setting.

Game Overview

Without warning, massive meteorites shattered the serene night, plunging the continent into chaos. Screams and wails filled the darkness as peace and innocence crumbled before the fallen all seemed on the brink of destruction.

A huge meteor falls from the sky, making everything chaotic and scary in a peaceful place. But then three special heroes, a Vampire, a Werewolf, and a Wizard, join forces to bring hope. They work up a powerful leader who tells everyone to fight back and restore peace. They are saying let’s make things better like they used to be when the moon was shining. The game’s exciting story is where heroes work together to fix everything.

Rebuild Homes

Removing obstacles and rebuilding can be tough with surprising heads and behind-the-rebel friends needing help or Enemies from the Fallen. Be cautious, rescue your friends, and be ruthless with your enemies. Use smart technics like moving chess pieces to release ancient power against your enemies.

Recruit Heroes

Don’t try to be everything alone. The best from all the races want to help you, except for their help, you will need a strong ally by your side in the future. Together, you are strong and build a powerful team.


Being ready is the key to winning combined match 3 battles and hero explorations for success. When faced with tough situations, strengthen your plan develop your determination, and all you need is fame. You are still will be put to the ultimate test in the arena.

War Overlord

There are four types of cops and five dresses, each with restrictions. Switching to the offensive side happens quickly together. The Upper Hand, in the battle, you must strategically organize your drops and plan.

Create Alliances

Actions matter more than promises among different dresses to maintain unity and expand their territories, which is how they can stand against the Fallen. Keep in mind powerful leaders never battle alone.

Guard Continent

Do not sit idle, as they will only make the fallen stronger. Unite all of your forces for initiative attacks! Eliminate Threads across the entire continent and becoming the true Lord of lights is the only part of restoring peace and harmony.

Key Features

This is the match 3 battle that requires you to match tiles of the same color to attach differently and use skills.
Overworld battle required deploying your heroes and crops to conquer territories and resources.
This game allows you to create characters and customize them according to your preference by changing their name, Gender, and more.
This game allows you to recruit heroes and will enable you to collect more than 100 Heroes of different skill levels, classes, and elements.
This can allow you to construct and upgrade various facilities such as barracks, hospitals, warehouses, etc.
This game allows you to create a Guild and cooperate with other players.
That offers rewards and challenges for completing various tasks.
This game has high-quality graphics and sounds that create an Emerson and realistic game experience.


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