Bump Pop Mod Apk (Unlimited Money)

Bump Pop
Bump Pop

Bump Pop is a popular casual puzzle game available on Android and IOS devices created by Rollic Games with over 5 million downloads worldwide. In this game, the main objective is to strategically drag and drop balls to jump and eliminate optical displays on the screen. It would help if you had challenges at each level of the game residence, including ing platform rotating circles and color switches, which add depth to the gameplay. You have the option to purchase various in-game items and features. The gameplay is free to download and play, and it removes AIDS from the game and offers engaging and challenging gameplay, making it a favorite choice among puzzle enthusiasts on mobile platforms.

It provides a delightful auditory experience with appealing sound effects and music backgrounds. The game’s friendly interface design insurance that can easily grapes its rules and mechanics. , Moreover, social features allow clears to engage and compete with others through leaderboards and social platforms.

bump pop introduction

The gameplay

In this game, you start by dragging a ball from the bottom of the screen to the top. Your goal is to target and collide with obstacles that match the color of your Ball. When you hate these matches, stickle the breast and disappear, earning you points. However, you must be cautious to avoid obstacles with different colors from your Ball, as touching them will result in losing effectiveness at the end of your game.

As you play, you can collect stars coins by successfully popping the matching opticals, and currencies can be used to unlock new balls with different shapes and colors. This game adds variety and customization to your play. To complete each level, you must clear all the obstacles on the screen, and the game features a progression system that increasingly challenges the level offline engaging experience as you advance through the game.

gameplay of bump pop

Drag and drop

Bum Pop is an easy-to-use game for all age groups. In this game, the player drags and releases a ball from the bottom to the top of the screen, guiding it to Bounce and eliminating obstacles. The game controls allow you to adjust a ball speed in direction with finger moments. Drag and drop provides an enjoyable way to engage with the game, making it accessible and entertaining for everyone. It’s a straightforward game that does not require special skills or complex instructions; every user age plays it.

Color matching

Bump Pop is a visually stimulating game that assesses your color-matching abilities. Your task is to align the same color ball to earn points. This game boosts expected colors, including red, blue, green, yellow, pink, purple, and more. These colors match challenging and satisfying dimensions to your gameplay and offer experience as you navigate the vibrant world of colors within the game.

color matching options

Obstacle variety

This game has a lot of varieties, and it has various features of stickers like circle square behavior like moving, rotating, and changing colors. The game also offers different environments, like the City desert forest, making it engaging and full of surprises.

Ball customization

This game encourages creativity and self-expression, and you can personalize your Ball by purchasing a new one with very chef and colors. The option includes saucer basketball, baseball, tennis ball, and more. You can mix and match colors like pink, Orange, black, white, and many others and customize your balls with a fun and distinctive element to your gaming experience, allowing you to make the game truly your own.

Level progression

This game has different levels that get progressively challenging. You girl is to finish each level by removing all the obstacles on the screen and collecting stars and coins by popping them. Stars unlock new-level file coins that let you buy different balls. Advancing through the level serves as motivating and regarding progress, encouraging you to become a master of the game.


Bump Pop Mod is a globally popular and unique entertainment game with simple yet addictive gameplay. Players shoot balls to create combos, collecting various ball types for added excitement. The game boasts vibrant 3D graphics, detailed designs, and attractive visual effects. Its gentle sound complements the experience. Available for free on apkpoor, it is suitable for all ages and securely reviewed by experts. Enjoy breaking levels without fees in this safe and entertaining game.


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