Burner MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)


Burner is the ultimate solution for managing your digital life with ease and security. It’s not just a second phone number. It’s your phone within your phone. This app allows you to access essential texting, calling, and organizational tools that simplify your journey through this unpredictable world. This app offers you the convenience of a temporary, anonymous phone number perfect for various purposes. Whether you need a second number for your phone or personal matters, want to screen calls from unfamiliar concepts or wish to Shield yourself from spam and Tally marketers, this app has you covered. This app creates a fake number for online dating or other situations where you protect your identity from a third party.

This app is free to download, but if you want to use the explained features, you must pay for a monthly subscription. If you use the modified version, you will unlock unlimited calling and texting, spam block calls, do not disturb settings, voice mail transcriptions, customize your ringtones and voice, and the ability to share your number with others. These premium features protect your privacy and keep your number private, and it’s a great way to use this number for communications with others.

How does the burner work?

Burner goes beyond the typical second phone number that offers unlimited anonymous numbers. Using this app, you can use multiple phone numbers with unlimited calling, texting, and Spain blocking features while protecting your number privacy. It provides flexibility and security and allows you to manage your digital life’s effects seamlessly.

This ultimate virtual phone number app offers unparalleled reliability and an excellent set of premium calling and texting features. These include advanced functionalities like spam blocking, muting Voicemail, and do not disturb privacy. This app simplifies your phone experience, ensuring that managing your communication is effortless and Secure.

Temporary phone numbers

This app provides temporary phone numbers that you can use for calling, texting, or sending pictures, and these numbers can be used for various purposes for online purchase cards, business transactions, online dating account creations, and more.

Unlimited anonymous numbers

This app allows users to use their phone number anywhere and unlimited Times and only, keeping their personal information private. This feature is for those who want to maintain their privacy and organize their social circle privately.

Key features

You can manage your privacy and keep your number safe.
Using this app, you can organize your social circles.
You can easily block and mute spam calls and text messages.
Using this app, you can set boundaries with do-not-disturb settings.
You can easily set up custom voice mails.
You can instantly calls and text messages with its real-time feature.
You can make unlimited voice calls, text, and video messages.
It is free to download, and you can get a real second line to try with your enhanced privacy spam blocking and communication features.
You can get additional numbers using the modified version, making it easy to add more line text and call more people.


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