Chat Rooms MOD APK (ChatGum) Latest Version

Chat Rooms
Chat Rooms

Chat Room is a free chatting application that enables you to converse with individuals worldwide, allowing you to connect, socialize, and even Max a strong friendship. Whether you want to meet new friends, spend time virtually, or create lasting bonds, this app applies to everything without any cost. Download and install the app now if you want to make friends from all over the world.

Connect and chat with people who share your interest to make new friends. Remember, strengths are just potential friends you haven’t met. In this app, each room presence has a different group. Switch between rooms, discuss what interests you, and match your mode. This app off various rooms for different topics, cultures, and languages.

Instant Messenger

Utilize the Instant Messenger feature for lectures and better connections. Engage in private text conversations to understand people more deeply. All the private messages within this app are delivered instantly. If you are friends are not, they will get a notification and can response later when online.

Message Boards

Within this Chatgum, the group conversation is more enjoyable, and each room has its message boards called tiles. Each board friend can have in-depth discussions on specific topics they are interested in.

Using messages Boards a simple. You can start with a new topic, post a message, or emoji, are join an ongoing discussion. It’s a great way to engage in meaningful conversation and keep track of your important discussions.

Control over privacy

This app of complete control over privacy. If you don’t want to chat with strangers, you can turn off a private message feature and block them. Block users never send messages until you unblock them. You can enable the private messages only sent from friends so only users and your friend list can reach out to you. This app provides comfortable privacy features to take control over your conversations.

Custom Profiles

Personalize your profile with enjoy themes, and add pictures and backgrounds that reflect your passions. Engage in chats using customizable Avatar, moving around, and interacting with others. Customize your profile with a unique Avatar to get more attraction.

Animated Emojis

This app has a wide range of animated emojis, and you can use unique ones to enhance your message experience.

Fun Rewards

Enjoy the free charms collecting game. Gather hundreds of different charms and thousands of items. Pick those that match your personality level-up charms and fun items for a friend.

Grow your Social Network

Chat room offers a platform to become a social influencer and stay updated on the latest trends. You can mention a social network in your Bio and gain more followers. You can personalize your profile with selfies and fun emojis death showcase your interest. Your popularity increases by profile likes and friends count. It’s the best space to enhance your influence and connect with like-minded people.

Keep features

You can use the private messages feature to chat with like-minded profiles privately.
You can create your custom profile.
This app offers a real-time chatting feature to connect with like-minded profiles instantly.
This 100% free and secure application provides an unlimited chatting experience on your tablet phone and works on a low internet connection.
This lightweight application takes only 20 MB of size when you download it on your device.


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