Doodle Gnome Garden Swing APK + MOD (Latest Version)

Doodle Gnome Garden Swing
Doodle Gnome Garden Swing

Doodle Gnome Garden Swing action game developed by Setik. In this game, you can tap the screen to initialize the action of launching your gnomes into the garden using a catapult. The distant they fly, the more flowers you plant and points you get. There are 6 gnomes, each with different shapes, wears, and bounce characteristics. Experiment with this gnome to determine which one helps your garden the most. Your main objective of this game is to assist the gnomes and find homes in Gardens across the country where they serve as protectors and bearers of good luck.

How to play the game

Once you download and install the app, tab to launch the gnomes. Once you hit the gnomes from then. As a result, the tree plantains are a start. If you hit the if You Hit gnomes fastly, then you have more chances to plant more trees and, as a result, will earn more coins. During gameplay, all the advertisements are removed from the app, and you can enjoy the game, try to improve your gameplay, and plant more trees.

Key Features

You can plant up to 70 million plants.
You can unlock options to plant unlimited trees.
All the advertisements are removed.
Unlocked coins.


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