Fishing Baron 1.5.17 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Fishing Baron
Fishing Baron

Fishing Baron is a simulation fishing game that designs for fishing lovers. With its realistic simulations, players can explore numerous locations and try to catch over 150 different species of fish using various fish rods and gears. To catch a lot of fish, it’s important to have the experience to use it effectively. The experience fisher can catch and sell many fish to obtain advanced fishing equipment to increase success in the fishing industry.

This game offers a realistic and enjoyable fishing adventure and allows players to escape into the virtual world of fishing. If you love fishing, this game offers the best experience that truly captures the essence of the sport. This game provides endless entertainment for fishing to all levels of players.

Key Features

The game has a fishing float, rod, and spinning.
You can change day to night and days of the week.
The game has different types of fishing rods, reels baits.
The game has different fishing options with a lot of customization.
The game allows buying equipment such as a car, house, or fishing tools.
The game has a lot of quests with rewards.
Simple and initiative controls.
You can play the game both online and offline.

The price of fish depends on the base and day of the week.

The price of fish is not fixed and can fluctuate depending on different factors. The two main factors influencing fish prices are the location or the place where fish is brought. The prices can vary based on the demand and availability of fish in particular areas and the dynamic market. Before selling or buying the fish, ensure to consider these factors.

A lot of fishing game quests with awards;

There are different quests in the fishing game, and each quest allows you to earn rewards and prices. These quests provide additional challenges and goals for players to add more rewards to increase their fishing experience.

Different types of fishing rods, reels, baits

In this game, you will find different varieties of fishing rods, reels, and bites to choose from, and each type has unique features and advantages and allows you to customize your fishing based on your preferences. Experiment with these tools and types to maximize your chances of success in the fishing industry.


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