FoxSub: Subtitle Editor MOD APK (Free Purchase)


Foxsub is a video editing application developed by Foxtail Mega, this app is designed for creating subtitles using Text-based translation and transcription features. This app provides a range of features to make creating and editing subtitles more convenient and efficient. Using this application, you can create subtitles for videos directly from your mobile phone and include text animation and other editing on your video. This user-friendly application makes it easy for beginners and experienced users to navigate and use its features and functionalities. 

Time code alignment is the notable feature of this app that accurately synchronizes the subtitles and the video and provide a tool to adjust the timing of subtitle to match audio and video content. This app supports multiple languages. You can create subtitles for your videos in your preferred language. 

Real-Time Preview

The real-time preview feature is useful for users to see how the subtitle will appear on this video while editing it. This tool ensures accuracy and visual appeal. 

Playback Integration 

This app might have integrated with popular media players as a steaming platform, allowing users to view subtitle videos seamlessly. 


The popular feature of this app offers an auto-translation feature that translates your video and generates captions from one language to another. 

Key Features 

  • You can access the paid membership and subscription plan using the modified version, including all the premium features. 
  • This app supports all the video and audio formats. 
  • This app converts the hardcode subtitle to video and supports hardcoding substation alpha, srt, or vtt subtitles into video. 
  • Ability to choose different expert resolutions, FPS, and quality when hardcoding subtitles to video. 
  • You can create multiple projects at the same time. 
  • You can save your project and create a new project without losing your previous work. 
  • This app extracts the WAV files from video very fast. 
  • Ability to edit Attach SubStationAlpha, srt, and vtt files. 
  • This app has a special feature called open subtitles, where you can search and download subtitles for your video. 
  • The latest version of this app translates any video to different languages. 
  • You can zoom in and zoom out waveform to your videos. 

What’s new in the latest version 

Added setting button on man editor page below for media play and stop. 

Added the option to delete the regions by swapping from left to right on the subtitle line. 

Added more customization options on the settings page. 

In the latest version, add undo Redo button. 

Set up an output folder for video and subtitle export. 

Now merge the subtitle region with the previous or next by pressing the + button at the bottom. 

Added single and double-tap functionality for subtitle lines. 

Added option to change the color of different parts of waveform and pointer. 

Added advanced Video editing tools. 

Ability to delete the project when you finish. 

Ability to play and make subtitles for long video files up to 30 hours. 


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