Go Green! MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Go Green!
Go Green!

Go Green! is a casual video game created by OVIVO Games. In this game, the primary objective is to catch various types of garbage floating in the Ocean to prevent them from contributing to pollution. This game offers a wide variety of 100 virtual trash items to see, adding to the game’s diversity and challenge. This game is designed with simple graphics and compelling gameplay, making it easy for players to pick and enjoy. This game combines unique garbage items and simple, engaging gameplay. 

This game offers eco-friendly choices to lower the environmental impact. Encompasses resource reduction, reusing items, and recycling. Making mindful decisions and divisible can reduce the carbon footprint and support the planet. During gameplay, you can modify your habits, make conscious changes to your home, and promote a healthy environment. 


The game offers simple gameplay where you control a diver responsible for cleaning the Ocean by collecting garbage with a scoop net. Your scoop net generates in-game currencies even if you are inactive. You can also upgrade your scope net, which will help you reach people and capture more trash. This game has a hundred unique garbage items to collect, and you have multiple options to order items. 

The gameplay itself is easy. You hold and break to catch fresh. However, it does feature some bothersome ads. But if you install the modified version, everything will be fine. You can hold and drag to catch trash unlimited without showing any annoying ads. 

Key Features 

Simple and addictive gameplay: Mechanism and making it easy to pick up and hard to put down. 

Idle Gameplay: Offer a net that helps you to continuously when you are not actively playing and add a passive element to the game. 

Become the garbage-catching Master: This app offers a vast collection of 100 garbage items to catch, and you aim to become a master at collecting them all. 

Garbage gallery: The game features a Gallery where you can view the garbage items you’ve collected, providing a visual record and completion goal. 


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