Gorilla Tag Mods APK 2023 v1.4 for Android

Gorilla Tag
Gorilla Tag

Hi, guys. Welcome to our website. In this article, we discuss Gorilla, a multiplayer reality game that is most popular among all players worldwide. In the game, the player can take the role of a gorilla in the virtual jungle and is familiar with many peoples, which helps to increase their popularity in the virtual world. 

If you are a fan of the gorilla tag, then install the modified version we give you in this article. By using the revised version, you enhance your gaming experience. 

What is Gorilla Tag Mod Apk?

This is the modified version of the original application by the developer who modified the original game and added the new features. The game has an exciting adventure that is solved with the help of the atmos technology device. Before playing the game, use all the options in the body attack, which will help you improve your gaming and get knowledge of technology. 

What is Gorilla Tag Mods APK?

This third-party application provides the player with an additional feature not available in the original tag game. You will get features with your flute maps, weapons, and more. 

Story of Gorilla Tag Mod Menu

The Gorilla game series is popular Among many people, and it’s not a building game inspired by other series of gorilla attacks, not the man you tell the story of older people. The whole of a gorilla in Gorilla tags is different where the player can choose between roles and maps, the modified version of the gorilla game is full of adventure and the players explore the secret hidden places and maps. 


The Gorilla tag Mod menu will start with different challenges but do not worry about them because your character already has the strength to overcome the difficulties and clear all right to choose their character with other skills and can climb on building underwater. Take advantage of all the valuable resources but complete them on time. If you complete your task and time, there chances to get more resources and unlock the maps where you get the information about your enemy. 

Features of Gorilla Tag Mods APK

The Gorilla tag provides features not available in Gorilla attack in one of the features of gorilla tag are given below. 

New Maps

Maps are an essential feature of this application, where you can easily track the position and location of your enemies. That’s why the modified version unlocks new maps, which increase the player’s gameplay experience and the player efficiently completes challenges. 

Skins and Costumes

The Gorilla tag modified version that provides its players with outfit, costumes and skins which helps the players to customize their characters when needed. 


There are ten(10) different weapons with unlimited bullets, and you can use these new and old weapons to down your opponents. 

Anti-Cheat System

The modified version has an anti-cheat system where no player can use cheats or hacks for an unfair advantage. 

Unlimited Ammo 

In the original application, players have limited Ammo, which can be frustrating; however, in the modified version, the player can enjoy unlimited Ammo, making the game more fun. 

No Cooldowns

In the original game, players have a word for a specific time to use the weapons, but the modified version allows you to use the web without any excellent down. 


The Wallhack features are open in a modified version, allowing players to see through walls and make it easier to catch the other players. 

Auto Aim 

With the Auto Aim feature, the player aims at their opponent automatically and quickly Catches their enemies. 

Frequently asked questions 

Is it safe to download and install Gorilla Tag Mod Apk? 

Download the Gorilla tag mod from reliable websites to avoid viruses. If you download the app from the trusted or official website it is safe to install. 

Will my account get banned if I use Gorilla Tag Mod Apk? 

Using the Gorilla Mod APK is against the terms and conditions, but your account is saved from the original game. I recommend logging in with other account instead of original account. 

Can I play Gorilla Tag Mod Apk with my friends? 

Yes, you can invite your friends by using the link and playing the modified version of each other. 


If you want to enhance your Gorilla tag gaming experience, then Gorilla tag mods APK is worth checking out. The modified version with a new skin weapon and the anti-cheat system has unique challenges. Download now the Gorilla tag more from the official website to make your gaming experience to the next level.


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