Haileys Treasure Adventure APK MOD (Unlimited Money)

Haileys Treasure Adventure APK
Haileys Treasure Adventure APK

Are you looking for new challenges and have the patience to explore new places and hidden treasures? Then you come to the right place. This article gives you complete information about Hailey’s Treasure Adventure App. Haileys Treasure Adventure is an adventure game with many puzzles. The story of the game is exciting. The game allows users to go on missions like Hailey’s to find their father’s lost treasures.

Game Overview

In the game, trigger hunting is a popular hobby involving searching for valuable items, heads, places, and locations. The player finds lost items like coins and jewelry and explores the hidden gold and silver cases. To be a more robust and successful treasure hunter, the player needs a strong understanding of historical geography that helps to explore more historical items.

Haileys Treasure Adventure Game Overview

The Equipment You’ll Need for Treasure Hunting

Before your first game, try hunting adventure, and you must get the right equipment. The equipment includes a metal detector, a drilling tool, a compass map, and a GPS device, and you will also need a waterproof container to keep yourself safe during the adventure.

Tips for Finding Hidden Treasures


Before finding and hunting, make sure you search the area where you plan hunting and also learn about the history of the area’s landmarks and structure that helps you to more possibility to finding treasure.

Know your laws

It’s essential to read all the laws and regulations surrounding player hunting in your area, and some places have restrictions to ensure you understand the rules before you search.

Get a metal detector.

Metal detector tools are essential for hunting that help you locate hidden objects in the area. Make sure to choose the best matter detector only designed for hunting.

Join a treasure-hunting community.

If you want to give more hunting field experience, join the hunting community experts to share their tips and ideas and learn about new treasure opportunities.

Haileys Treasure Adventure APK 2024

Features of Haileys Treasure Adventure APK

Unlimited diamonds

Diamonds are essential in the game; you can explore different places and get diamonds from them. You can buy diamonds and unlocked bombs, dynamic metal and detector maps. Unlimited diamonds are unlocked if you download the modified version from our website.

Different skin collection

This application has different costumes for game characters, and the game allows users to use this skin When they customize their characters. The user can also change the costumes and make their skin according to their need.

Offline gameplay

This application is also available offline, and you do not need an internet connection to play the game.

Amazing 2D graphics

This application’s graphics are simple and designed in 2D directions; all the games’ objects and characters are HD quality so users can enjoy the gaming experience.


There are 12 additional animations available in the game. With the help of these animations, users can create real moments with their characters and Enemies.

There are most basic animations included.


Solo – there are animations in the solo and only one for each screen
Duo – Worm, Bat, Skeleton, Spider, Scorpion, Snowman, Zombie, Red Skeleton, Honey Maker, Vines, Bell Flower, Goblin, Sugar Boss, Ass-assi-in, Head Hunter & Zombie variant.
Trio – Worm 2x, Skeleton 2x, Spider 2x, Scorpion 2x, Honey Maker 2x, Red Skeleton 2x, Goblin 2x.
Multi – Goblin 3x, Goblin 4x.

Mixed – Spider Zombie Spider x Zombie, Spider x Honey Maker.
Worm, Spider, Scorpion & Honey Maker.


The game has enemies that players will not be able to compete with at the starting version, but now the latest version, players play the game and encounters many characters, zombies, and spiders.

Dynamic Maps

The app allows users to see the places they visit and get complete information about where they face enemies; using the map, they easily find enemies and hidden treasures.

Game Levels

The game starts with a basic level, and you will find some puzzles to solve and go to the next level. If you solve the group, you go to the next Complex level, face more Enemies, and solve more puzzles. Try to make decisions faster if you want to play the next level to increase your gaming challenges.


Haileys Treasure Adventure APK is a challenging game that requires a combination of skills and determination. You will find a way to explore hidden treasures by reading the complete article. So download now the apk file from our website and start experiencing adventure.


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