InStalker MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

InStalker MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

Are you looking for a profile tracker app for your Instagram account? Then you come to the right place. InStalker is a social app that offers a one-click solution for a complete analysis of your account, revealing secret profile viewers, followers, and non-followers. The model enables discrete weaving and downloading of Instagram wheels insurance confidential. Using this app, you can access the complete insights and privacy control of your account within the app.

InStalker is the ultimate multitasking app for your social media needs. It provides a detailed analytical report about secret followers and those who do not follow back. With its user-friendly interface, you can access the comprehensive inside of your social media business and enjoy Instagram stories anytime, anywhere.

Who viewed my ProfileProfile?

If you are wondering who is secretly viewing your profile followers without following your account, you can use this feature to show the secret. This feature shows followers and nonfollowers.

Watch Instagram Stories Secretly

This app allows you to watch web stories of any profile without knowing the account holder. All of your activities and actions remain private and confidential. It’s the ideal app for maintaining online anonymity while enjoying social media content.

Download Instagram Stories

This app offers a powerful feature to save your videos from Instagram stories in high-definition format without leaving any digital footprint. This feature ensures your actions remain completely private. You can share these download-it stories directly, enhancing your social media experience with seamless and confidential story management.

Who doesn’t follow me back?

This app simplifies the process of identifying users who need to follow back. With its user-friendly interface, you can easily compare your followers list with your following list. This app automatically generates a follower’s comprehensive list of those who don’t follow you. Its easy-to-use feature helps you to manage your social media relationships efficiently and allows you to take informed action on your following and follower list.

Users not Following Back

This app offers a complete social media profile analysis and comprehensive reports of users not following your take. These exclusive insights help you to manage your connections and engage better, ensuring you stay informed about your social media interactions.

Key Features

Using this app, you can discover secretly who viewed your Instagram profile, including followers and non-followers.
Secretly watch Instagram stories without knowing the other account holder.
Download the Instagram wheels stories from any account in high quality.
You will receive notifications when someone unfollowed your account.
You have the option to explore who has blocked your Instagram account.
Using this app, you can check your ProfileProfile popularly and last 28 days.
You can track all your account details, including several likes, followers, and comments monthly and early.
You can easily identify active followers.


InStalker Instagram is a tracking app with premium features to get your Instagram account’s complete information easily. If you are a business owner, this app is the best choice because you will get complete information about your account, including account details, comprehensive analysis, engagement reached, and more. Some of its features are premium, but if you use the modified version, you can unlock the premium dashboard and reports for free. Download and install the app now and enjoy the premium profile tracking features for free.


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