Intelius Background Check Pro MOD APK (Latest Version)

Intelius Background Check Pro
Intelius Background Check Pro

Intelius offers convenient solutions for users to search for any background checks people search, and public record access. Millions of phone lookups are added to their database, and you can access detailed information about an individual, including their contact details, address, criminal details, previous history, and more.

This application allows users to check the basic background reports of any contact, including its name, birth, age, possible photos, possible relatives’ contact details and educational information, criminal history, bankrupts, and much more. You can access millions of public records on your phone, generate unlimited Public reports, and download them on your device.


Advanced People Search: You can use this app to end up searching to find all the information about single contact, and this feature will provide you access to all the public records, contact details, social media profiles, and more information.
Reverse Phone Lookup: Using this feature, you can identify the owner of a phone number even if they did not list their contact. This feature is beneficial for you to identify the unknown, call us very fine phone numbers and get the details.
Background Check: This app offers background check capabilities. I love you to obtain the records of any individual criminal record, working history, educational background, and more.
Email Search: This feature lets you find the email associated with a specific number.
Address Lookup: This feature allows users to enter the number of any contact, giving you complete address details, including property details, current and previous residence address, and other related information.
Uncover Social Media Profiles: And reverse phone lookup option can uncover the social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter WhatsApp profiles of any specific number.
Reconnect With Friends And Family: If you do not remember your friend’s number, then this provides the option to put the address or email of your friend and family member in search, then all of its details are shown best on their given search.

Benefits of Using Intelius Mod APK

Using this application, you can access a company’s hands-up information about individuals and make it easier to combine the data for various purposes, such as background checks or finding lost contacts.
This application saves users time by quickly obtaining the needed information without searching for it on multiple sources.
It provides a user-friendly interface; every feature is here, and I will get access to decide information.
It’s a beneficial tool for individual businesses are agencies whose search records daily.


It is the best app that offers advanced people search options where you can check the background look-up information of any contact. This application has a free and bad version, but if you download this APK, you will access all the premium and free resources. There are different alternatives available that offer similar services, but they are not safe, and they do not maintain user privacy. You can use this application safely, and all the information or secure, and the app does not share your personal information with others. You can unlock unlimited credits by checking the phone lookup feature. So if you have any questions regarding this application, you can comment below. We will solve your problem as soon as possible thank you so much for visiting our website.

What’s new

  • Added 10000 + new records.
  • Added premium features for all uses.
  • Added Whitepages feature to search the rivers phone lookup services.
  • Added Instant Check feature to check the detailed reports of any Individual contact, including its criminal record contact information and more.
  • BnVerified features are recently added in this, where you can find a white range of features, including background checks and rivers address lookup for different purposes.


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