Kapwing Captions MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)


kapwing captions is a video editor application for modern creators. Using this app, you can add content subtitles and videos by applying tools such as Resizing, clipping, trimming, and sharing your creations. This app employs AI for automatic video editing functions such as transcriptions, translation, and remover in volume leveling. This tool also enables collaborative video content creation by allowing teammates to join forces, resulting in enhanced and quicker production within the Kapwing platform. 

This app is an online platform accessible for content creation and video editing that caters to all skill levels. It offers tools for crafting videos, editing content, exporting images, adding music captions, and more. Millions of users and online creators use this app every month, and this app supports various tasks like video editing, converting, and adding subtitle editions through its user-friendly interface. 

Online content Creation 

This is a user-friendly online platform for creating content and editing videos. This app supports creators of all skill levels in sharing their videos. This app allows you to edit videos, create videos, export images, music captions, subtitles, and more. Once you create your contact, you can share it with other users on different platforms. 

Online video editor 

This app work as an online image and video editor that fulfills the need of content creators and professionals. This promotes team collaboration and quick multimedia creation through accessible software. This app saves time on tasks like submitting link editing colleges, bug reports, screenshots, videos, and image animation. This app boosts your product with its powerful content creation features. 

You can also add images and videos and apply different effects, transitions, and titles for creative masterpieces. This app is suitable for beginners who require only basic video knowledge. It is beneficial for social media managers, entrepreneurs, educators, and students to promote their business services brands and create school project presentations. 

Show your creativity 

Using this app, you can show your skills and make creative customizable videos, enabling means of creation of animated images, Video cutting looping, and adding personalized music to videos. Once you create a unique video, you can share it on platforms like Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook to show your creativity to your friends and family. 

Important Tools and Features

  • Layers
  • Sound Removals
  • Detector
  • Text
  • Brand Templates
  • Create Unlimited Projects
  • Seperate Sections for Trending, Local, and Popular videos
  • Edit the Pre-made templates
  • Choose Blank Canvas
  • Audio and Video Templates
  • Subtitles
  • Videos
  • Elements
  • Audio
  • Plugins
  • Shapes
  • Emojis
  • Special effects
  • Background removal
  • Automatic transcription


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