Kotodama Diary MOD APK (Unlocked Coins)

Kotodama Diary
Kotodama Diary

If you are looking for a virtual pet, you come to the right place. In this article, we introduce Kotadama’s Diary. Again, our characters evolve based on the words you feed them. Their growth process and final form are entirely up to you; the mad witness you are pet becoming the cute companion you have always wanted when it takes an unexpected and quirky turn.

In this fun game, you choose the right words to help your wealth-share pets transform into new creatures. You can also decorate your virtual space with your favorite furniture; the best part is that you don’t need to clean up. In this game, you can shape the fat of your virtual pets. Whether you want them to be cute or quirky, the game is an enjoyable and interactive experience. Download the app now, give them words, and see how they change and surprise you.

Entertaining virtual pet game

This delightful virtual pet game entertains with characters evolving based on your word choices. With over 100 unique species known as koto dummies,” the possibilities are endless. Your goal in the game is to transform these characters into virtual pets and take care of them in this charming pet care simulator game. Get ready for a fun and engaging experience with your very virtual companions.

How to play Kotodama Diary?

The gameplay is simple: You can first collect hearts by touching or sweeping the hurts together, and hurts are essential for nurturing your virtual pets. When you accumulate enough seats, then you will be presented with words to choose from. Depending on the term you select for your kotodummy, these word choices will evolve in various ways as you shape their growth. Use gems articles to draw fortunes and acquire accessories. These accessories can buy your koto dummies. If you like this accessory, they will reward you with useful items. You have the option to collect coins and use these coins to buy furniture to decorate your home.

Key features

There are more than 100 different collectors to collect and interact with.
You have a variety of worlds to choose from, and each word has a different effect on your pets.
This app has a diary where you can record your daily life with your pets
The room mode lets you decorate the space or room with furniture and items.
This game is a perfect skip and smooth gameplay experience.
Are you looking for where to pass the time without spending a dime? And this game provides hours of free entertainment.
This app of various characters boosts a diverse cast to engage with.
This app allows you to check with your virtual pet with unique interaction.
You can share a special moment through in-game screenshots with friends.
Enjoy accessorizing your pets and watching their reactions.
Design your virtual room to your heart’s content, adding a personal touch.
If collecting is your patient, you will find many items and treasures.
Discover and care for extraordinary, unique virtual parts, each with its charm.


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