LastLog Mod APK Download (Premium Unlocked)

LastLog Mod APK
LastLog Mod APK

To monitor your employee’s or children’s activities on your mobile, you must listen to the LastLog mod APK. This application allows users to track and monitor the online and offline activities of WhatsApp contacts, and you will receive a notification when you are children go offline without your knowledge. If any content blocks you, you can forcefully track their details on your smartphone.

The app supports offline and online viewing; you can still track your contact’s activities if you do not have internet. You will receive your contact’s offline and online activities in link extract messages, gallery social activities, and more. You will receive a daily and monthly report of any contact in the dashboard. To use this application on any device, you can install it on someone’s mobile, configure the device with them, and then start tracking their activities without knowing them. a

You can use the analysis and Comparator tools to access more details of any contact. You don’t have to worry about the lost scene, Vikas; This app detects the last scene of any contact. Even if you turn off the app, you can view the details reports of any contact at any time.

Key Features

The application is available for both free and paid trials.
You can use the online and offline notifications.
You can use a last-scene tracker option to track the last-seen activities of any contact.
You can get the contact detail reports monthly, weekly, or daily.
You can export any contact reports.
The user interface of this app is easy, and everyone can use this app without any issues.
The app has a smooth interface and a high-quality design.
You can join the live support 24 by 7.
You can get detailed data in the form of charts and graphs.
You can set up alerts and notifications for specific events or activities.
You can apply a log filtering option to filter specific contact details best on custom criteria.
That simple user interface makes this application accessible to technical and non-technical users.


Maintaining the system’s ability, security, and performance is crucial, so this application provides a powerful tool to overcome this problem. You can use this app to monitor your contacts and get all the information when the form of reports on the dashboard. After getting the device, you can see the log Management process inside the log data. This application is compatible with various operating systems like Windows may cause Linux. You can use a real-time log monitor to stay updated with the system’s activities. That provides customization options that allow users to create a personalized dashboard and reports according to their needs; you can export the reports and where is a format like CSV GSM, making it comfortable with other log analysis tools.

This app is the perfect choice for parents who keep Eyes on their children, so download and install it from our website and start tracking your contacts.


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