Manga Translator MOD APK (Free Purchase)

Manga Translator
Manga Translator

Manga Translator is an app that offers a free and user-friendly solution for translating raw manga from languages like Chinese, Japanese, and Korean into English, French, German, and more. This app uses artificial intelligence, enabling automatic translation without requiring manual input or copying and pasting text. Using this app, users can easily INSTALL and use the app without the requirement to sign up for an account. Once installed, you can translate any manga series in your Preferred language without the hassle of translating each page or panel. 

This app has many other options besides translation, including a Scan Translator which uses AI to translate any raw manga, manhwa, scans, or images into more than 50 languages. This also includes Cotrans Manga Image Translator, which allows you to paste an image and drag and drop it for translation. 

Support translation 

  • Japanese to English
  • Chinese to English
  • Korean to English 

Key Features 

  • This app offers an overlay mode where you can easily translate comics, and it will recognize your screen and translate the image. 
  • This app auto-detects text on any image and automatically translates and draws images. 
  • You can easily order the selected images in your preferred position using this app. 
  • You can easily browse any comic web series and translate it. 
  • Using this app, you can simply uRL of any comic chapter, and then this app will automatically translate all the content for you. 
  • Using this app, you can translate from English, Japanese Korean up to 50 other languages. 
  • Automatically save results locally and save them into History. 
  • It is a fast and accurate translation feature to draw the translated result automatically. 
  • This app is easy to use and does not require any signup. 
  • You can take multiple screenshots of your favorite Manga or import image files. The app automatically performs a process on each image to convert them to a translated form. 


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