MoneyTree Rewards Ear Money MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

MoneyTree Rewards
MoneyTree Rewards

MoneyTree Rewards is a Lifestyle application developed by Ark Software Technologies. Over 1M+ users use this application on Android and IOS. In this game, you can earn money by playing games, fill surveys and watching TV shows, and getting free cash and the best rewards. If you are looking for a rewards app, this app is the best choice. Download and install the app now and start performing tasks and earning money.

Earn points by answering surveys and even watching TV.

You can accumulate points by testing new apps completing services, and even watching TV shows. These points likely serve as a currency or reward for engaging in these activities.

Exchange your points for gifts.

You can trade your arms point for various rewards, including cash gift card vouchers. These points at like a farm of currency and allow you to choose and receive different benefits based on your preferences.

Grow your Money Plant

You have options to grow your money planet to unlock the additional bonuses. You can enhance your rewards or benefits within the given context.

Play as a team with your friends.

Collaborate with your friends as a team; when they successfully finish the task offer, you will earn points. It’s a way to work together and share in the rewards.

Best Reward App

It’s a Best earning app, and you will access the highest Paying offers and opportunities.
You can earn by downloading apps Playing Games watching videos and TV shows, and participating in online surveys.

Watch TV and Earn Rewards

  • Food channel
  • Movie channel
  • Celebrity channel
  • Gaming channel
  • Music channel
  • and many more

Money Plant

Take care and grow your money plant
Get more bonus and benefit when you level up your money plant


Invite users, earn rewards
Earn more rewards when your invited user completes offers
Earn while you sleep! Unlimited earnings

Key features

Its highest peg offers gunpoint-free cash, best rewards, and gift cards and vouchers.
You can download apps Playing Games, watch TV, and participate in online surveys to earn points.
You will receive amazing benefits, level-up team play, and extra bonuses.
This app has an additive to show you the best earnings and easy win offers.
Grow your money train and get exclusive advantages.
Earn points by installing free apps playing games, surveys, TV videos, and many more.
You have multiple rewards, and you can easily from Amazon, PayPal, Google Play, iTunes team store, PlayStation gift card, and Xbox.
You can invite your friends to earn coins.
Utilize the snowball option, and even when you are sleeping, invite your friends and get extra points when they complete offers.


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