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Monster Hunter Now
Monster Hunter Now

Monster Hunter Now is an action-packed RPG game created by Niantic. The mastermind behind the game is Pokemon Go, in partnership with Capcom. This game was large in September 2023 for Android and IOS devices. Players explore a captivating world in this game, packing on a challenging quiz to defeat powerful creatures like Rathalos and Great Jagras. As they progress in the game, they can create weapons and armour, improving their skills. The game starts with 13 unique Monsters, which will be added in future updates. With its real-world exploration and legendary Monster Battles, monster Hunter now offers an immersive experience for friends of the franchise and Mobile gaming enthusiasts alike.

The gameplay

In this gameplay, players go on exciting quests to defeat famous Monsters like Rathalos and Great Jagras while exploring their surroundings. This game is similar to Pokemon Go and requires them to move when they appear on the map. Players can choose the battle against this creature solo or team up with nearby Hunters.

The main story of this game offers weapons and different types of armour that players can create as they progress in the game. Hunting these monsters and gathering resources can upgrade your gear and increase your Hunter Rank. This game offers a game store for buying weapons, more portions, and other helpful items. In this game, you complete levels and quests, defeat Monsters and, as a result, unlock premium features.

Hunt monsters in the real world

Go on a big adventure worldwide to find and defeat some of the most formidable monsters from Monster Hunter. Sea Monsters are now in our world following potent weapons and team up with other Hunters to find these considerable Monsters and fight them face to face.

Authentic hunting action carefully adapted to mobile.

In this game, you can explore different kinds of Monsters best where you are, like rest deserts and swamps. You can go hunting alone and team up with other Hunters to battle these giant monsters. This game has easy tape controls and excellent graphics, making it fun to play in hand no matter where you are.

See monsters around you with the AR Camera.

Get a taste of how these famous monsters come to life in your surroundings using special AR Camera features.

Master the hunt in 75 seconds

Can you finish the hunt in just 75 seconds? Become a weapons expert, create strong armour sets, and sharpen your skills. Find the monsters’ weak points and use every tool to tackle the challenge.

Mark monsters even with your phone in the pocket

With Adventure Sync, you can use it as a pant Bal to follow Monsters and explore your time making them. It is here to hunt them down later. Your Palico can tag monsters with Palico Paintballs even when you’re not playing. You can return to these monsters later, keeping the game exciting.

Key Features

This app uses AR technology to experience thrilling hunting in the real world.
This game is similar to Pokemon Go, and it utilises location-best gameplay that allows players to plot their surroundings and defeat Monsters and different habitats.
This game offers a balanced hunts feature that balances action-packed and the features of games like Pokemon Go.
Uses collected weapons and other items from defeated Monsters to create and upgrade various weapons and armour.
You can participate in battles by joining a team with nearby players for a Cooperative Battle against powerful Monsters.
This app launches 13 Monsters from Monster Hunter University, including Rathalos and Great Jagras.


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