Nicoo APK Download v1.5.2 for Android Latest 2023

Nicoo APK Download v1.5.2 for Android Latest 2023

If you are searching for free Tools for free fire, you come to the right place Nicoo APK provides users to customize their skin and you can easily inject them in free fire safely. You can also change the background images of any lobby because there is a vast collection of background images, styles, animations, and collections of mass heads, dresses, characters, and whole skins characters. You can easily apply them on free fire. The multiplayer mod lets you play this game with your friends by inviting them. 

What is Nicoo?

This is a revolutionary app where you create stunning graphics wallpapers for your free fire and social accounts. With its advanced tools, you can apply special effects and filters on images, making them professional and eye catchy. The controls of this application are easy to use and every user can easily understand its controls because of its simple, user-friendly interface.

Features of Nicoo

Advanced Editing Tools 

Nico has many tools to customize your images according to your preferences. You can add text frames, animation and stickers on your background images and apply special effects and filters to make your image more stunning. 

User-Friendly Interface 

The application has a simple user interface making it easy for everyone to create images save them on their device and use it for their free fire account or other social profile. Moreover, this application has a vast library of templates; you can quickly use them to add your image. 

Compatible with all devices 

The application is compatible with all Android devices. You have a minimum of 20 MB of space to download the application on your mobile. In addition to running the application on your device, you have a minimum of 3GB of internet connection to run the game quickly. 


The application offers players a variety of masks and they use them on their character to change their look. 


The super board option is available in the application, where you see all the top player results with ranking. If you perform well in the game, your name will also show there.

New hoodie Skins

The latest version of the nicoo app adds new Hoodie and skins for all player, and this feature will be available for all new and pro players. 


nicoo free fire hack comes with 50 + advanced weapons with unlimited bullets, users can use these weapons during battle. These features are only available if you unlock the basic levels of any game. 

Customise correctors and mask 

You know this application has a variety of different characters and masks. Still, if you want to customize, this application provides you with an advanced tool, you can easily customize the default characters and make them according to your need. 

Unique Hairstyles 

The application offers to change the hairstyles of your characters, there are multiple hairstyles available in their library you can choose any of them according to your preference. 


Hoverboard is a popular and most exciting thing in free fire, every player wants to change their hoverboard design to look attractive. If you are a gaming streamer, then the feature is best for you to customize your hoverboard. 

Free resources 

If you use the Nico application, they offer unlimited skins, money diamonds, weapons, hats, backpacks, a Parachute, and many more tools that help you to boost your gaming experience. 

Control The Characters Easily 

The application has simple touch controls to help user to navigate to every feature efficiently. Furthermore, they assist you in getting the different strategies for collecting and updating the player’s information and moving fast to refine their points when firing.

Don’t Need To Root

Some other applications need to root your device to run the game, but this application does not require root access, which means you can play that game on your device without any privacy issues. 

Anti-ban System 

The anti-Ban mechanism in this game, so you don’t have to worry about safety. With advanced security, the mechanism protects your account and there will be no chance of banning your account. 

No Advertisement

This application allows players to play the game without any ads and players use and play the game smoothly without interruption. 

How to Use Nicoo 

Using the application is easy to follow the step-by-step guide on how to use the app. 

Download and Install Nicoo 

You can download and install Nicoo from Google Plus or the App store. 

Select a Template 

Once you install the application, select the template from the library available in Nicoo. 

Customize Your Image 

After selecting any template, customize your images by adding text from stickers, filters, and different effects. 

Save and Share Your Image 

After customizing your image, save it on your device and use it on your free fire profile or share it on any social profile. 


Nigo is an excellent app that helps you to enhance your free fire experience with its advanced editing tools and user-friendly interface to create stunning images with one click. Furthermore, the application has various features that make this application different from other apps, so if you are looking to enhance your free fire gaming experience then click on the download button below and get the apk file and install it on your device and using its excellent features to impress your friends.


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