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Performance Lab
Performance Lab

Performance Lab by The Wright Fit is an advanced training facility that is revisionalising how people approach fitness and Wellness. This application came under the health and fitness category. It was created by Jay Wright, a renowned expert in strength and conditioning, a celebrity trainer, and the designer of high and games in New York City and worldwide. The main goal of this app is to assess the client in achieving their best physical condition and overall well-being in the present and the long term.

Unlike traditional workouts that focus on quick workouts, this application is designed for immediate results and fast, sustained health and fitness over time. The idea is that bodies capable of moving well and functionally 10 Naturally look better too. The ultimate M of this approach is to help clients attend sculpted abs and impressive physiques and guide them toward a higher purpose of improving health and Wellness.

Key Features

This app allows you to record and monitor the physical activities you engage in throughout the day. It helps you to keep tabs on your exercise routine and overall moment levels.
This app allows you to access your workout planning easily, no matter where you are or the time.
This platform is optimized to work perfectly on all types of smartphones, meaning you can access its feature using your mobile device.
You can follow the same training plans that professional athletes also use.
You can access the schedules for various fitness classes and personal training sessions.
Using this application, you can compare your fitness achievement and performance inside with those of professional athletes.
You can compete with friends and family to motivate each other to make fitness more enjoyable.
You can easily track your weight and fitness progress daily.
You will see your daily progress, fitness result, and other insights during the month.


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