Primitive Man Adventure APK MOD (Unlimited Money)

Primitive Man Adventure
Primitive Man Adventure

Primitive Man Adventure is a thrilling action game in adventure and Exploration. In the game, you become Explorer and go to the old Mayan places to find a hidden treasure. But sometimes, it happens, and you get stuck there. You must be smart and find clues to solve puzzles to get out. This gameplay will make your brain work and help you get a better solution to your problem. You can Discover things and solve mysterious problems in an interesting game. If you are interested, you can download and play the game. It’s a cool and exciting adventure where you find tools and use your brain. 

Key Features 

You can explore blooms like forests and Mount Test, collect resources, and face dangerous creatures.
You can learn several skills and finding tools help you to avoid the dangers like animals and bad weather.
You have the option to shop for the items from the shop.
You have the option to unlock the boxes to get more rewards.

This app has smooth controls. You can easily use all the controls to easily move your character by using controls.
The more enemy you destroy, the more rewards you get.
There are total one 50 levels in the game, and each game level has unique features and tools.
All the advertisements are removed from the modified version.


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