ProScreens Premium – App for HomeScreens 4.0.1 APK + MOD

ProScreens Premium
ProScreens Premium

The world of entertainment has evolved rapidly and the demand for content is higher day by day and people want to watch the video and stream on their home screens with high resolution, so that’s why pro screens premium mod apk is available through the app. 

The latest version of this app provides the latest home screen setups with premium features, this is the best choice for your phone once you connect your home screen through the app and you can check all the details of your home screen on your mobile. 


New HomeScreens everyday 

The app allows users to connect their home screen through the app and use it every day without any extra configurations. 

Setups with proper details 

This app’s settings are simple and every detail is listed with proper guidelines and every user can easily understand every feature with proper details. 

Best collection of Home Screen Setups 

The app has different collections of setups and you can choose any setup for your home screen and then apply them and the different settings pop up when you select to set up, you can customize it according to your need. 

ProScreens premium 

The app provides a section where you can participate in their contest and get a chance to win promo codes and gifts. 

ProScreens frame 

The app provides you with three different frame colors with 50 background colors, you can use these colors and backgrounds to customize your frames. 

Handcrafted wallpapers 

The best feature of this application is the editing of handcrafted wallpapers edits every day for all users. The users can also request their favorite wallpaper and the developers will upload it quickly. 

No registration required 

You do not register to use the Pro screen in the modified version. You can simply open the application and connect to your home screen through the app without any restrictions. 

Multiple language support 

The pro screen support multiple languages making it accessible to a worldwide audience. 

Different templates 

Different pre-made templates are available; you can use any mockups for your device.

What’s New in the Latest Version 

  • Fixed setup not submitting
  • Added Unsplash wallpapers 
  • Added new templates and Mockup 
  • Added a new contest for all users
  • Added free apps list
  • Fixed mockup cropping issue
  • Improved UI
  • some other Minor changes


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