SlowDNS Premium MOD APK (Unlocked)


SlowDNS is a free VPN tool designed to enhance your online experience. It protects your online privacy from unauthorised traffic and ensures you are sensitive, safe, and confidential. This tool improves your web browsing experience and provides safety from Threads like cyber attacks or data interceptions. This tool also keeps your location secure and protects websites and services from tracking your location.

This app allows connecting to the Tunnel Guru server when other popular VPN protocols struggle. These servers are renowned for their reliability and security and for ensuring that the connection remains stable and your data is protected. These tools always hide your activities from others, make your relationship more protected, and offer safety on the internet.

Application Overview

This application uses the DNS Tunneling method to write your data, which can be slower than other VPN protocols due to Internet Limited. It also allows you to access the blood website without any issue, which means that it may not be the fastest option; it’s suitable for web browsing and accessing content on the website that doesn’t require a high band.

You have control over the settings, and you can manually configure all the message parameters, allowing you to fine-tune the VPN to your specific Neet; by customising its settings, you can up to my sweet performers within your Local Network.

Key features

Using this app, you can protect your online privacy
This app offers Wi-Fi Hotspot Security.
This app offers a daily privacy protection option for up to 25 MB of data.
You don’t need to any registration to use the VPN. You can open the app and click on the connect option to connect to the fastest server automatically.
It’s a simple and easy-to-use VPN for your phone and tablet.
All the services are deployed in a 1 Gbps network.
This app has VPN Service locations in 15 countries.
Mask your IP addresses and identity using VPN server IP.
It’s a simple and easy-to-use VPN.
No need to root your device.
Protect your device By acting as a virtual wall.
There are no speed limitations from the DNS VPN server.

The app needs a few permissions.

Access Current Location.
Access External Storage.
Access Network.
Access Phone State.
Access Task List.


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