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Sportty APK
Sportty APK

Sportty is a sports event information app where you find all sports events and access the latest sports news, scores and schedules. The App helps sports organizers to distribute their event information properly and share it with all the participants quickly and efficiently. 

About Sportty APK

It’s a free sports entertainment app where you can watch the live streaming of cricket, football, baseball, hockey, and many more. You can watch all the Cricket League and events with live score matches in one place. This App also helps organizers easily organize their upcoming events and programs list and share them with other official players. 

The organizers make different categories for different participants to receive information only relevant to them. For example, the media participant has its category. They only get specific information about the media’s scheduled and opening times. The organizing committee has its own category available to the app where they see all the relevant information. 


Live sports events 

Almost 10+ live sports events are available in the App and users can open any of them according to their needs. 

Create live event 

The App allows users to create their live stream or event by filling in simple information and then sharing the link with others to access that event. 

Multilingual content 

You can watch English, Hindi, Spanish, and other language content; different countries’ channels are also available. You can select your local language channel and watch it. 

Different sports League 

The App provides live streaming of sports leagues, including the English Premier League, la Liga, county cricket Ligue 1, Serie A, Bundesliga, UEFA Champions League, and more. 

Key features 

  • You can connect with multiple servers to watch a specific TV channel. 
  • The App has Different video quality and users can customize it. 
  • The app is free to download 
  • Your personal information will be secured. 
  • You can share the event details with the participants. 

Downloading and Installing Sportty APK

To download the App, you need to visit the official website and go to the App Store to download the app when the apk file starts downloading. Then important to note that you need to enable the unknown sources on your android before installing the App. 

Once you download the App, go to the folder where you save the apk file, click on the install button, follow the installation guide, give permission and then click on the allow button and wait for a second and then launch the app. 

What are the Benefits of Using Sportty APK?

There are several benefits to using the App, including. 

  • You can access the latest sports news, scores and updates from worldwide. 
  • By using this App, you can up to date with the latest and upcoming games and events 
  • You can get live updates during games if you are not watching them. 
  • You can access the premium sports channel and content that you can stream anywhere. 

Frequently asked questions 

What are the System Requirements for Sportty APK?

You need an android device running Android 4.4 or higher to use the App on your device. 

Is Sportty APK Free to Download and Use?

Yes, this App is completely free to download and use and you do not pay anything extra to use this App. 

Can I Download Sportty APK on iOS?

No, this App is only available for Android devices. You can download Sportty App from App Store if you have an IOS device. 

Can I use Sportty APK on my PC?

No, this is an Android app, but if you want to use then install the Android Emulator to run the App on your PC. 

Do I need an internet connection to use Sportty APK?

Yes, this app needs an internet connection because an internet connection is required to access the latest sports and events. 

Does Sportty APK have ads?

Yes, the app contains ads, but you can remove the ad if you purchase premium subscriptions. 

How often is Sportty updated?

This App is regularly updated with the latest news, events and schedule so ensure that always use the latest version.


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