Super Merry Go MOD APK (Unlimited Coins)

Super Merry Go
Super Merry Go

Super Merry Go: Maro Bros is a new modern old school retro running game released in 2023. This game offers a fresh adventure featuring Maro’s promising and amazing experience as he embarks on his greatest journey to the Mushroom Kingdom World. This application comes under the action category and Latersoft

Developed this application now this app and have 1 million uses from worldwide over different platforms including Android IOS and PC. Download and install now the app start your adventure through super Merry. 

Super Merry Go take you and old memories trip to your childhood with its retro maro platform game. The game story around merry’s iconic Quest to rescue the princess and you are role is to control either Bob or Maro as they navigate mysterious islands. Jump and run across the blogs and face a powerful Monster to save the mushroom princess. Everything happen in difficult flat farm environment bringing back the excitement of classic gaming. 

Game Features 

The game include 145 famous highlights with various types of levels including sky, water, underground, etc. 

You must defeat 5 tough bosses to advance to the next island and Maro’s adventure. 

This game offers to play offline anytime anywhere. 

This game is compatible with boat phone and tablets. 

All the features are free, and you don’t need to buy in-app purchases. It’s 100% free. 

This game is appropriate for all ages, from kids to adults. 

You can enjoy a captivating music and sound effect. 

All the features design and simple and uses can navigate to the every feature easily because of it simple user interface. 

This game has beautiful high-resolution graphics. 

Mushroom Kingdom 

Acquire “Power-up ” to transform into a larger Bino or Maro

Obtain “Bomb ” to launch fireballs at enemies

Secure the “Star ” to gain invincibility like Super Bino or Maro

You can also utilize collected coins to trade for items.


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