Tap Force MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Tap Force
Tap Force

Tap Force is a role-playing game developed by Race Cat. In this game, players return to the 90s, relieve the excitement, and join an adventure to bring order back to the metro City Streets in a new auto battle RPG.

Gather a top-year team of pixelated Fighters reflecting the iconic 16-bit style. Watch them Battle against various foes, tough bosses, and challengers worldwide. Experience a wave of nostalgia as these classic characters partake in epic fights that capture the essence of a bygone gaming era.

The game’s special feature keeps things moving offline and controls your faith by smartly growing you a weapon shop naming your cities. With great gear, this unique part of the game thrives even when you are away, ensuring your path to success keeps evolving.

Fight through hundreds of levels

S of company levels are available within the app, and each stage has different difficulties, making the player experience more in each level. And at each level, you will face any until the boss comes at the end of each stage. You must develop strong battle strategies to defeat this enemy during gameplay as the village chooses the best superhero formation. Once you choose the optimal Hero, then you will easily fight with enemies and get valuable rewards.

Key Features

And train 16-bit pixel fighters to build the strongest team for instant battles and challenges.
Operate various martial arts shops in your cities for their need and your profit.
Battle across multiple stages in the company and conquering the way.
Face others against other players in PvP Arena and rank for special rewards.
Join clubs with other players where you can create your team, chat with friends, and complete special group events.
Enjoy 16-bit retro pixel art style.
This app includes music by Mitch Murder.


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